Politics is Invading Schools

Political intervention in schools is counterproductive and damaging — The Guardian
Cafe Talk

For the second cafe talk, team Sawty Sousse in a collaboration with Youth For Change NGO hosted its second cafe talk on the influence of political ideology on educational curriculum. Youth For Change is a Non Profitable organization that works on Youth forces in the community. It is located in Hamem Sousse

Members Of Youth For Chnage
Our club’s main goal is to create better environment for kids and to self improve and help build young entrepreneurs while creating lasting beneficial projects.
Our club is under the care of JCI Hammam sousse (NGO) and is sponsored by Ashoka.

The theme of this gathering was on the influence of political ideologies in educational curriculum. Students are being brain washed on a daily basis due to the penetration of politically oriented way of thinking and policies in academic curriculum. The participants of the third Cafe talk highlighted and explained how and why the invasion of politics exist in schools.

Participants of The Third Cafe Talk

A shaking non balanced academic policy is the backbone of the problem. The progress is constantly hindering the quality of the system itself which created a crack for the invasion of politics to emerge.

During the presidential and legislative elections ,political parties take advantage of schools to promote for their future work in a illegal way. They manipulate students so they can reach more votes in the elections . Another thing that should be mentioned is the absence of protection for students. There is no law that penalizes the use of minors for personal political sakes . In the same legal context, there is a low that allows every 16 years old human being to be enrolled in any political party. 80 % of the participants agreed that this low is wrong and should be amended up to at, least, 18 years old.

During the third Cafe Talk

The educational curriculum is based on the ideology of the minister. The problem with the officials in the ministry of education is that they are constantly changing so the ideology changes. Every minister tries to implement his vision and when he/she leaves another person take his/her place and whips the previous vision. The focus is not on the quality of education but pure personal interest. When it comes to teachers, there are themselves promoters of their parties. There are not biases in their teaching methodology.They tend to reflect and impose their thinking on students

Participants concluded that this penetration of politics in school exsits because students still minors and vulnerable with no political education background so they can process and analyze the information they receive.

The vote for an optimal solution

As solutions to deal with the penetration and invasion of politics in schools, participants suggested to create Political sciences clubs in primary schools up to university in order to mentor , train and simulate political procedures.Since the concept of Cafe Talk is paying off, they suggested to organize group focus, discussion groups in youth centers and schools. Being active in civil society can be a trigger for students to have a solid political background. Another creative ideas that consists of launching a competition on a local level to encourage youth to come up with ideas on how to say no to politics in schools.

Group Photo with the participants

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