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According the topic « Architecture with less impact with nature » Chúng tôi làm exhibition on Vietnam. Ellearchitecture team find an interesting link of this topic with traditional knowledge and natural material.

So Let’s talk about Hand Poetry . Let’s forget about form and techniques… but speak knowledges, ambiances and traditions….Let’s enjoy bamboo weaving experience. Less impact, less tools.

Many questions come with this topics,we find some of them interesting: What means Nature for a tradition? for a modernity? for Village? and for City?

By choosing bamboo as material, we hope get some light for our questions.

We went to the closest bamboo village to Ho Chi Minh City ; Thái Mỹ, Củ Chi.At This village, Bamboo is everywhere : On gardens,houses, meals…We was surprised by all the ways bamboo are being used. Same on each home : basket, mattress, chair….

There is no limits for using a bamboo? why all the village use it on same way? May be as all traditions.It is more important to master a bases gestures than to innovate ?

We try lot of designs. Finally, we made choice on THAI MY CU CHI daily-object. To make Thái Mỹ, Củ Chi-people involved in our project. We only change a size of a common-object they know well. We make BASKET ON XXL.

They have a material, , tools, techniques and knowledge.

The Basket XXL, can become a shelter for children to read a story or people to meditate….flexible place.

For all team, the process of this work was more interesting than its product. We seen the relation between bamboo and weavers. The Village and the city. The tradition and the innovation.

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A Hand-made is beautiful, unique and authentic…The maker left some of his soul on his produce. As a soul of Nature on a Bamboo tige.

It was funny for us and for the weavers to weaving on XXL. The weavers and bamboo as dancers.The weaver give the direction and bamboo a rhythm. they are both flexible. The harmonious relationship between the bamboo and weaver, make this a beautiful geometry-result. After finishing the geometrie continue dancing with light.

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With this modest project we hope create a link between the older and the youger, Town and village, Tradition and Future…

For the village of Bamboo there is not lot of experiences to challenge them maintained that knowledge. Even for them, they prefer using plastic basket and bric.

The innovation can give new existing life for Bambou weaving…

Finally, by the topic of « architecture with less impact with nature ». We seek our relationship with this nature.

Reconnecting with nature world and elements : daylight, fresh air, natural material, and natural forms…

From that experience, we realize that In the village, the unlimited resources are a human energy and time. But on the city reality is the opposite, The time become money and money become the priority. We less care on Natural world and human well-being.

« The less impact, on nature » must be considered in all process of architecture building, from design to realisation and behind.Let challenge our self and reconnect with Hande made poetry not for less impact but 0 impat in nature.

Just a curious and activist architect artist @@

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