Hippo Farm is a 3-ha farm located in Bien Hoa, one hour from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.
The farm project combines the equestrian passion of a family, its interest in permaculture and the desire to create a space of relaxation and entertainment for the residents of Ho Chi Minh.

Hippo Farm includes an equestrian club, an animal farm, an organic vegetable garden, a rod and a lodge!

To respond to the Housing program, we chose to recycle an existing building that was not used until then.
The building represented an existing structure on stilts: A large central area connected by footbridges to 5 other smaller spaces.( photos Olivier Peix)

We worked on 3 axes:
1/- Avoid disruption
2/- Optimize existing volumes 3/- Use existing resources

1/- Avoid disruption:
In order not to destroy the existing bodyguard, it was maintained and grounded in earth according to the techniques of the cob. It is now serving as a basement wall.

2/- To optimize the existing volume: We built with earth in the lower parts of the wall to keep the air fresh, while making wooden louver shutter in the upper part to evacuate the hot air and provide overall better climate performances.

3/- Use existing resources:
The existing pond was integrated into the design for locally treating grey waters by using phyto-sanitation techniques, fish and shrimp farming to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.
We chose the option of having dry toilets to reuse the compost for the rod.
And the earth used in the mud served as the site’s sediment.

This project was a beautiful, ecologic human and design challenge.

Just a curious and activist architect artist @@

Just a curious and activist architect artist @@