A Reflection in Disconnection
Kevin Makice

FWIW I noticed you hadn’t posted in a while. The full story is occasionally I check Crowdfire (formerly JustUnfollow, and I continue to think of it as JustUnfollow) to see who’s unfollowed me, or who I follow that’s not following back who I feel don’t really Tweet things I need in my stream (e.g. — maybe that comedian is really funny but they Tweet really sporadic uninteresting things). So Christian Briggs showed up in the ‘inactive’ tab, and the conclusion I drew was ‘he probably doesn’t find Twitter relevant anymore. Come to think of it Kevin hasn’t had much to say for a while, either. Oh well, I will keep using Twitter, because I’ve worked out a way to use it that works for me’.

Anyhow now that I know what the deal is I will read the rest of your series. For my part I have a love-hate thing going on with Facebook, but aside from a one-week deactivating, haven’t really explored a big sabbatical.

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