For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

I have differences with your grandfather politically, but I’ve always had a ton of respect for him not only for what he endured in Vietnam (which is totally enough reason for a ton of respect) but because I have always gotten the sense he legitimately is about serving others. I believe in 2000 he often spoke of how great it is ‘being part of something bigger than yourself’ — a message that’s the anti-thesis of Trump’s ‘I alone can fix it’.

On the topic of 2000 I believe at the time he was reaching young people with his message and approach before he got ‘slimed’ by Bush and Rove’s push polls. I sometimes think about and wonder how the world would be different today if we’d had president McCain instead of president Bush, and I wonder if that ‘sliming’ started things down the path to Trump in many ways.

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