I had a hearty laugh about the many thousands of “Be the Best Self” posts on Medium.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback (and knowing somebody is reading). The Lev Grossman quote summarizes the problem with Facebook (and to a lesser extent, other channels) quite well — forcing disparate circles of people together in an unnatural fashion. I’m going to have to file that quote for future use.

Google did have a go at addressing that with ‘circles’, but Google Plus never really took, and I have to admit that while I use it on and off, I never really used circles except as tags for people.

I wanted to say, you and other people who’ve quit Facebook are like heroes to me, maybe someday I’ll be able to join you all.

For now I will continue to ‘trim, trim, and trim’ as you advise. Thanks again and best to you in the coming year.

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