Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

What is Artificial Intelligence? In very simple words, a machine that can think or act like Human Beings OR a machine that can think or act rationally. It is a study that tries to induce the real intelligence into the machine. It is tolerant to the inexactness, vagueness, incompleteness, etc. Artificial Intelligence has marked its presence in almost all spheres of life in this modern era. From the partially typed words in Bing, Google or any other search engine to the text prediction while writing a message in your mobile, from smartphone to smart air conditioners, from medical field to space research field, everywhere its use can be seen. The AI came to life in the year 1956. Since then, it has gained a great height of interest among the people. Although, the research and use of AI deteriorated in 1970s as till then it was just a concept. Implementation of AI in real world was difficult. Then came Soft Computing, the tool that deals with implementation of AI. Soft Computing helped AI to gain new heights. Now Artificial Intelligence is coined as Machine Intelligence. It is already bringing an Invisible Revolution to this world. Soon the world will enter into the Sci-Fi world with the help of this technology. It won’t be a science fiction anymore, it will be a fact.

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