College Assignment Help- An Easy Way To Get Critical Review Assignments

Jan 10 · 3 min read

If you have given a task by your professor to write a critical review assignment? And you probably don’t have any idea and you are freaking out because you are clueless and don’t know what to write> you even don’t know what critical analysis means. So you don’t have to worry, there are thousands of students who are going through the same problem. If you don’t want to be a part of these thousands and seeking assignment help then go ahead and read the remaining article and you will get the idea about critical analysis. By the end of this article, you will get to know how to write an assignment for college and what is the critical review assignment.

Critical writing is a kind of subject writing on a particular topic. In critical writing, the author needs to make an argument about the two main points given in the assignment; first, you need to introduce the main purpose and define why the writer made the argument, secondly you need to put forward some points of evidence that supports your argument. You need to be very specific and relevant to the topic. Don’t include other material and information that is not relevant to the topic.

There are some steps that you need to follow while writing your assignment for college.

1. Firstly, you need to create a rough draft for your assignment in which you need to keep all the questions while making your rough draft.

— Understand the author’s point of view and its opinion.

— Try to find the context of the argument and how it influences the author’s opinion.

— Is there any solution offered by the author according to the problem?

— What type of evidence and tools are there to support the author’s argument.

— How effective the evidence and tools used by the author?

2. Once you know all the requirements and answers to the given question, now you need to start your writing. Make a starting point in which you are going to present your points and ideas about the book you want to review. You need to mention all the things of the book such as title, author, publication details, and the topic you have selected for the critical review. This topic will be your assignment on which you have to present your critical review. If you are still baffled or astounded then you must surely take help from essay writers. These writers can help you in guiding all the details about the critical review assignment. They can offer you various services such as online assignment help by SourceEssay.

3. In the next part, you need to summarize the work of the author. Try to include all your opinions and ideas. If you are writing a summary of the author’s point of view, it will look like you are copy-pasting the information. It will leave a very better impression on your professor or teacher’s mind. Try to include all the main points described by the author and be concise while writing your assignment. Try to use simple words in your writing. This part will decide the length of your critical review but is also requires a word count. It should contain around 25–30 percent of the total word count.

4. The very important thing that you need to keep in mind while writing the critical review, you cannot dismiss any point of view of the author on the basis of your personal experience or view. You need to put forward a lot of evidence then only you can either support the author’s point of view or you can be against the author’s point of view. In simple words, your review should be very logical.

5. Conclude your assignment by writing a brief review based on your analyzed point of view. You need to write what findings you gathered from the argument. Describe all the strengths and weaknesses of the topic used by the writer.

Last but not least proofread well your assignment before submitting it. If you are unable to proofread and seeking assistance then you can hire assignment writers. They can help you with proofreading your assignment. So visit SourceEssay and enjoy all its benefits and services such as essay help and many more.

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