How social media can help or hurt the career goals of students?

Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Orkut, and other social media websites are an integral part of students’ lives. Not even students, millions of people are using social media websites. Around 72 percent of people who are using the internet are using social media websites. If we talk about student’s lives, social media help or hurts your college and career. It depends upon the students if they think using social media is fun and it is a technique of easting time then you might think again. You can do many more things on social media other than playing games and having fun. It is a great platform that helps you in achieving something. But most of the students use these social media websites just for fun and enjoyment.

College life is the most important part and an integral part of a student’s life. You can hurt your career or you can boost your career with the help of social media. There are some ways that students can hurt their careers and some ways to boost your career.

Ways to boost your career with the help of social media

1. It is a great platform to make you’re a professional profile and get attached to the professional people who can help you ahead in your career. You need to update your account, revisit your account and make sure that your profile looks like a professionally optimized one. This helps the recruiters to select your profile from various others without applying for a job. This is the easiest and simplest method to boost your career. It is necessary to make the connections in the private world because, after your college studies, you will need exposure to the industrial sector.

2. The internet and social media websites are used by everyone. The development of the internet and social media websites has made easy for the recruiters and job seekers to look for whatever they need on social media platforms. This is the best platform to showcase your skills and talent. Perhaps, someone may be looking for you as you have matched their skills and talent perfectly. Social media platform helps in reaching the large mass out there.

3. There are various websites available that are participating in an online career platform. These websites can guide you and assist you throughout your academic career to select the best opportunity. These websites are very rich in cheap assignment writers who can help you in career-related discussions that concentrate on trending assignment help topics in the corporate world. If you take part in these online communities, it will provide you great information about your growing career.

Ways social media is hurting your career

1. Constantly looking at your social media website while you are working is a threatening thing that most of the students do. You need to scroll, check the comments, like the comments and write the comment it will not take a huge time but if you are consistently doing this without focusing on your work then this is a huge mistake you are doing. It is also wasting your time and damaging your career. In that time you can read books, solve your online assignment help topic and can do much more that helps you in your career.

2. Perhaps by using social media websites, you forget about the real world. Sometimes, you want more attention from your social media websites friends. In this case, you might get isolate from your real-life friends and you just keep busy in your social media group. You become obsessed with your online identity, you upload pictures, and you keep checking how many likes you are getting on those pics. Rather than focusing on your work and being the best performer in the class, now you have to look for more attention at social media platforms.

The conclusion

Every technology has bad and good effects both. It is also true in the case of social media websites. It totally depends on you how much time you are giving to the work and how much time you waste on social media websites. You can manage both by managing the time. Hence for further points, you can contact SourceEssay. We can offer all assignment help on all subjects.

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