Healthcare Legislative Topics: All Payer Claims Databases

The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition is an independent, nonprofit initiative of the UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy that serves as a multi-disciplinary resource for information and analysis about healthcare price and competition.

Introduction: What is an All-Payer Claims Database?

The medical billing cycle. Image from

Populating an All-Payer Claims Database

APCDs can grow out of voluntary efforts, too.

Potential Utility of an APCD

Colorado’s price comparison tool is a nice example of an APCD in action.

Widespread adoption of price shopping for healthcare could be just around the corner.

Commercial insurers benefit when patients shop for healthcare because patients will actively select cheaper and better quality alternatives.
The APCD council is spearheading efforts to harmonize state-by-state APCD efforts.
The current state of affairs as of early 2015.

Functional All Payer Claims Databases exist in over 15 states to date.

Studies on the Impact of APCDs

Challenges to APCD Implementation and Design

APCD In Your State



law & policy info/analysis on healthcare cost & competition

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