Oregon Environment Efforts Keep Calm And Carry On Under Trump

Oregon’s energy efficient ways refuse to change despite federal actions.

By Hilary Corrigan
for the Source Weekly

Looking east from Bend, Oregon’s Pilot Butte, the large arrays of solar panels near Neff Road stand out. So do Oregon’s major environment, energy and climate-related efforts, as they keep chugging along regardless of recent actions from the federal level.

To renewable energy proponents, the solar projects popping up around the Bend region offer a bright spot following an executive order and budget proposal from President Donald Trump in recent weeks that have called for scrapping certain environment-related policies and slashing resources for the federal agency that was created to protect the environment and human health.

“Oregon is as committed as ever to these things,” said Cassandra Moseley, director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment and of the Ecosystem Workforce Program at the University of Oregon. “If we try to find somewhat of a silver lining, you see Oregon trying to stay focused.”

-This story first appeared in the Source Weekly, Bend, Oregon’s independent weekly newspaper.