Q&A with Jekka McVicar of Jekka’s Herb Farm.

This week we have Jekka McVicar from Jekka’s Herb Farm and Herbetum answering our South Glos. Six.

Jekka is President of the Friends of Bristol Botanic Garden, President of the West of England Herb Group and a member of the RHS Herb Group. In 2016, she was made an Honorary Member of the RHS Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Committee, an RHS Ambassador and Vice President of the RHS. Jekka is an established author, who’s bestselling herb book, ‘Jekka’s Complete Herb Book’ reached 1 million sales in 2014. Jekka also has the pretty hefty accolade of being awarded the Gardeners Media Guild Life Time Achievement Award; ’for services to horticulture, design, education and communication and excellence in the field of organic herb growing.

I think it is safe to say that the Herb Farm is the UK’s leading organic herb grower. Growing over 650 varieties they have won 62 RHS Gold medals, including 13 Chelsea Golds. If you have not visited the Herbetum before, I can strongly recommend a visit on one of the open days, details of when these are can be found here.

Situated alongside the Farm in Alveston the Herbetum displays the largest collection of culinary herbs in the UK. With over 300 culinary herbs planted in raised beds you can walk amongst both native varieties and more tropical ones. It is a real treat for any herb and plant lover.

You have the opportunity to buy plants and seeds direct from the farm on the day. Jekka herself also gives a mini tour to share her knowledge and passion, you will certainly go home with a renewed vigour for your own herb garden!

How long have you been established? Since 1985

What is your best seller? French Tarragon

What do you love about your job? Every day is different!

What is your favourite thing about working in South Gloucestershire? Gloucestershire is a great county, it has everything and I love it.

What’s your tip for buying local? Choose a Greengrocer, Butcher, Baker. Go regularly then they become friends for life.

What is the best thing to eat this season? Sorrel, make Sorrel soup. Chive, make a Chive omelette.

Jekka’s Herb Farm
Rose Cottage
Shellards Lane
BS35 3SY

tel : 01454 418878

Twitter Facebook Instagram Website

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