Memorable Battles Recalled, Ulysses, James Joyce

North Cork and Spanish Officers

For me, summer is the time to indulge, to relax, to soothe away your aches and heal your wounds. To refuel, to raise the level of your primal energy.

But also time for reflection, time to seat alone by the sea (the Mediterranean Sea, the Mother Of All Seas, of course) to watch your ships ploughing across the horizon. Sails proudly unfurled, as they return victorious from all of your endeavours.

In my mind, I am the ship and the crew, the captain and the sailor, gear and helm. The hand that guides.

And before I reach the shore, I am gathering my high commanders. I am preparing my next journey. Destination: new adventure. Epic, it has to be.

A cycle ends, another must begin.

Life is change.



You never return the same.

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