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Triana: back to my roots

Because these days I am feeling a bit nostalgic and my soul is retreating to inner quarters, I am paying a tribute to the most representative Andalusian rock band: Triana .

Native to my home town of Seville, their music style was a unique mix of Progressive Rock and Flamenco, which has inspired many other Andalusian and Spanish musicians.
They were active since the early seventies until the death of the lead singer and keyboard player, Jesús de la Rosa, after a car accident in 1983.

Their lyrics were made of plain words, far from pretentiousness, direct poetry that spoke straight to your heart, and that along with a passionate rendition of the songs, is why so many people loved them.

This is my translation of one of their last recorded songs.

Desnuda la mañana* / Bare is the morning

Bare is the morning
And no Sun
How cold this dawn
A ray of hope
Flashes over my town

I see people
leaving their houses
all wrapped up

In my head, I realize
I’m standing 
In a corner

What’s going on?
What’s happening within me?
I feel lost 
In an endless night.

People passing by my side
They make signs, telling me something
The Sun starts to shine
And its warmth is reaching me

My life, against the clock
I feel like suffocating
Doubt tortures me
And the pain of separated dreams

What’s going on?
What’s happening inside me?
I feel lost within this night 
I want to escape from.

* You can check the original text in Spanish here.

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