Shark Cage diving?! Chumming right up!

We at Southern Ambition want to share with you the unbelievable adventure of coming face-to-jaws with the oceans’ fiercest predator. Below we outline the unique tour we offer and explain how we bring you the best shark cage diving experience in South Africa, the Great White Shark capital of the world.

A view of one of the many Great Whites from the boat

Pickup in Cape Town

The night before your planned dive, you will receive a text message regarding what time you will be picked up and if the dive is possible for your planned date (date will be rescheduled if weather is not up to par). The following morning, we will pick you up at your accommodation in our luxury vehicle. We then will leave Cape Town and embark on our drive to Gansbaai. Upon arrival, breakfast will be served and the group will be given the low-down on the dive, further preparing them to fully enjoy the adventure.

Time to head out!

After going through a safety-briefing, a discussion on the background of Great White Sharks, and finally receiving a dry wetsuit and googles you are ready to take a short stroll down the street to board the boat. The boat ride will take approximately 45 minutes to arrive at the infamous Shark Alley. Snacks will be provided on board for your convenience.

The harbor where your boat will launch

The Best Part

Once in Shark Alley, the captain will anchor the boat while the crew drops the cage and pumps chum into the water. After everyone puts on their wet suits and masks, the group is given further instructions on how to get into the cage and get the best view of the Great Whites. Waterproof cameras are permitted in the cage. If you would like to buy a disposable waterproof camera for this trip, please notify Southern Ambition Africa as soon as possible. The boat typically anchors for about two hours, depending on shark activity and number of divers. All divers will experience one dive and, based on time and preference, may have a chance for subsequent dives.

Cross it off Your Bucket List!

Wrapped in towels and sharing stories of the day, you will now return to shore. Upon arrival a delicious soup will be served to warm you up. At this point you will have a chance to purchase a DVD of the experience if you so choose. Finally, we will make our way back to Cape Town where you will be dropped off at your accommodation.


  • Towel
  • Bathing Suit
  • Warm Clothes to change into after the dive
  • Personal Precautions for Sea-sickness

Normal Price: R1650 — Winter Special R1500 (August — September)


  • Round trip transportation from Cape Town to Gansbaai
  • Breakfast upon arrival, snacks on the boat, and a warm meal after the dive
  • A wet-suit to keep you warm and a mask to allow for clear visibility
  • Boat trip to and from Shark Alley
  • A life-changing shark cage diving experience

Does Not Include:

  • Disposable Waterproof Camera (R400)
  • DVD of Experience (R359)

Want to book? Stop by our office on Main Road in Rondebosch or email Also follow Southern Ambition Africa on Facebook so you can see when we post news, deals and discounts. Our Instagram is pretty sweet too.

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