Skydiving: Viewing Cape Town from Above

We at Southern Ambition want to share with you the incredible experience of free falling at 120mph from 9000ft over one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Below we outline the unique tour we offer and explain how we bring you the best skydiving experience in South Africa with the perfect combination of beautiful views and adrenaline.

Getting There

Transport is not included in this package, but can be added at the price of R500 per person. A discount is available for transport if you have a group of seven or more. That morning, if transportation is requested, we will pick you up at Southern Ambition Africa Office in our luxury vehicle. We then head to sky dive Cape Town.


Upon arrival, the skydiving experts will give you a fifteen minute ground briefing, which will adequately prepare you for the tandem jump. On a tandem jump, you sky dive strapped to a instructors with a special harness that is attached to a specially designed parachute large enough to support both of you. Following the ground briefing you will board an aircraft with your group. This twenty minute ride allows you to thoroughly enjoy the finest views of the West Coast, Cape Town, and Table Mountain.

The Fall

Then it’s time! Out the door you go for a 120mph/200kph freefall. In total you will be falling for about 25–30 seconds from 9,000ft. The tandem instructor will open the parachute somewhere around 5000ft. Finally, you will enjoy a gorgeous 3–4 minute parachute ride to the ground. If you would like to capture your fall in photos or video, the tandem master can film the jump with a camera that is attached to his wrist. No personal camera or GoPros are allowed.


Upon landing on the ground, you will have the chance to purchase photos or video of your fall. If you are interested, the tandem instructors can give you more information on how to continue your training with the aim of eventually obtaining a Skydiving licence. Finally, if transport was provided, you will be dropped back off at your accommodation. You can now cross skydiving Cape Town off your bucket list!

Price: R2350


  • Knowlegdable tandem instructor, who will assist you in your dive
  • Twenty minute scenic airplane ride over Cape Town
  • A bucket-list worthy sky diving experience

Does Not Include:

  • Photos or Video (R450)
  • Both Photos and Video (R700)
  • Transport to and from Skydive Cape Town (R500 per person)

Want to book? Stop by our office on Main Road in Rondebosch or email Also follow Southern Ambition Africa on Facebook so you can see when we post news, deals and discounts. Our Instagram is pretty sweet too.

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