Kristi Coulter

I’ll be honest; I can’t tell if the story is meant to imply that it’s too much work “keeping up with men”, or if women should simply stop trying to live up to unlivable standards. Obviously it’s not written for me, but I do enjoy hearing from a woman’s perspective. My girlfriend and I try to be supportive of each other and our struggles. She supports my fight for equality as a minority, and I try to uplift her ambitions as a female in a male dominated world.

I completely agree that alcohol is a coping mechanism forced on us, an “escape” from all the seemingly un-real things constantly happening to us.

You can’t go anywhere without someone forcing a drink in your hand, or looking at you like a crazy person if you decline. I had to give up alcohol for medical reasons, and it rocked my perspective of the world.

I am glad you found your “happy place”, on the other side of the pool. It is good to know who you are, and to be ok with it.

Thanks for writing…

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