This weekend: “One Minute Play Festival” presents 60+ plays all directed by women, July 9th & 10th in Minneapolis.

We reached out to as many directors who are presenting at the festival as we could to ask them to share a snapshot of their piece of theatre.

Snapshots of the festival, a director quote paired with a slightly random gif from

“My ‘clump’ of plays by a group of amazing playwrights are shocking, moving, in your face statements about the power and strength in women and how individual we are all. To quote one of our play’s, our clump leaves you feeling ‘all empowered and s#@*!’”

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“Collusion, cross-purposes, sneezing.”

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“I see my cluster of plays as an Edward Gorey cartoon with a family snapshot tucked between the panels.”

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“Twitter abuse.”

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“My shows “Small, Round” and “Expectation” are each like a screen grab from the ‘jillion’ of synapse firings going on in my brain.”

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“Entertaining and navigating multiple planes of reality at any given moment, these 1-min. plays flash a light over a couple of possibilities.”

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“My Play, “THE GROOMER”, focuses on sex exploitation of young girls; a critical issue of our time.”

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“My play,”Harmony” is about our body parts’ need to work together in order to prevent illness.”

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“In “Love Hold Let Go”, I’m mostly trying to play with form, but also releasing things as a way of moving on.”

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“How we make space for all the people who’ve been squeezed out in the past.”

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“Black women and how we keep getting broken in the system and yet remain resilient.”

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“My shows were inspired by experiences in corporate culture.”

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“How women are viewed in modern music media. It made me wonder if this is how we want our daughters to be viewed.”

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“West Antarctica.”

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Excerpt from a recent profile in City Pages, “The festival was founded 10 years ago by theater artist Dominic D’Andrea, with the intention of creating evenings of very short work that allow diverse voices to share perspectives on common themes. The festival’s NYC-based organizers partner with groups in cities across the country to activate local creatives. This year’s Minneapolis festival will feature exclusively female-identified artists.

The rapid-fire format allows playwrights to respond to today’s events and hot topics.”

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