Momentum vs. Inertia
Laura Catriona Murray

I’m a hardcore Trot (& if you’re not hardcore, you’re not a Trot) and I agree with some points in this article.

The writer is completely correct about OMOV. It should be supported — people are quite capable of forming a view other than by attending meetings; indeed I can think of the last Momentum meeting that I went to when many differing views were not heard simply because of time constraints. There are many (including us ageing Trots) who can’t attend these meetings in which, some argue, all decisions made and delegates appointed. OMOV would be a democratic advance.

Also, on style — Trots can hector beyond all reasonableness and certainly put newer people of politics for life. Yes, that can be the sometimes necessary cry of those correctly railing against bureaucratic manoeuvre but they should think how to be cleverer about raising good points.

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