Why to upgrade your till to an epos system

A till, to be frank, they are not commonly seen in shops and restaurants. A till is a calculator with a cash drawer. But a EPoS system is an upgraded till with a calculator which includes multiple functions. Looking back to some experience you had, was there a time the cashier was a till? The staff had to calculate the change on a calculator, enter the price to the till, then the cash drawer pop open. Sometimes the staff had to write down the purchase on a notebook as well. Comparing to a EPoS, it skips most of the step, you pay the cashier, the staff input the price or scan your product, then the cash drawer pop open, he/she gives you the change and you are good to go.

An EPoS system does not only speed up the process for the customers and staff, but also makes life easier for employers. It acts as a mini secretary for you, they keep track of transactions history, provide stock levels, draw graphs of summary for you to have an overview of sale performance, contain loyalty scheme to keep track of your customers and employees. Furthermore, you can even control your stock on an EPoS system, it can help you manage recurring purchase. In terms of hardware, the till is fixed to a small digital screen showing only price and the keyboard can’t be changed. On the other hand, the EPoS system is highly flexible, the register screen can be any electronic devices since the EPoS software can be installed on to the gadgets. You can choose to have a keyboard or not, usually a touch screen is enough. Also, you can add components to the EPoS system, assuring multi-channel purchase, such as contactless payment, card payment, online payment or pre-payment.

Although EPoS system has a higher risk of being hacked, which is a problem a till does not have, as long as you upgrade it periodically and have a good protection plan, it would be more difficult for the hackers to obtain the data. Indeed, no system is 100% protected, a till could be stolen, EPoS system could be hacked. When we consider the advantages a EPoS system can bring, the risk is worth taking.

Moreover, for larger business with branches, it is best to upgrade the till to EPoS because it alleviates the trouble of communicating between branches to attain their data. Once all the EPoS systems are connected to a cloud, their data will sync to a common space. Therefore, all the data are easily accessible through EPoS. However, for a till, the employer might need to contact each branch to gather all the data, this is more time consuming and there is a chance where other branch might not be corporate. The till relies mainly on human work, which has a higher possibility for manmade mistakes. Since EPoS runs on computer, the calculation is more accurate, thus there are less mistakes.

By comparing a till and the EPoS system, it is evident that the EPoS system is more efficient, more accurate allow more business opportunity.

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