Celebrate without substances

Substance abuse treatment centers in Florida can assist patients in making the choice to recover. Florida treatment centers provide patients with the tools needed to give up dependencies and live a life of sobriety. Even with all the tools and life skills from drug rehab centers in Florida, patients may encounter struggles when returning to daily life.

One aspect of life that may present a challenge to a person in recovery is celebrating a special occasion. A celebration can be anything from a major holiday to a bachelor party, a wedding or a job promotion. Before getting sober, these gatherings may have been an excuse for the addict to drink or use drugs. At recovery centers in Florida, patients learn this is not an option. Instead, celebrations should focus on relationships, laughter and the connection the patient makes with friends and family.

Sobriety is tested each day. While difficult days might prove challenging, positive days can also bring about new feelings and emotions. Patients should embrace this new experience — he or she may be surprised to find the new feelings are more fulfilling while sober.

A few ways to help a person in recovery maintain sobriety during celebrations include:

Be clear — When hosting an event, the individual in recovery can let guests know it is a dry party. Patients should feel free to ask those who are not acknowledging the substance-free rule to leave

  • Have confidants — The patient can inform a few trusted friends and family that he or she is newly sober and plans to stay that way. Plus, this admission keeps the patient accountable to his or her pledge to stay sober
  • Change the event if possible — If an addict’s family typically meets for dinner and drinking, the event can be reoriented around sober activities. The patient can suggest meeting in a park or schedule time at a studio to work on an art project
  • Budget for rewards — Instead of spending money on drugs and alcohol, the individual in recovery can put that money into a savings account as a reward. With the new income, sober patients can take a weekend getaway, buy new clothes or enjoy a nice meal
  • It is OK to say “no” — When put on the spot, the addict in recovery always has the right to say no to particularly tempting events

There are plenty of occasions for a person in recovery to celebrate. The patient can celebrate sober living with recovery groups, sponsors and sponsees during major holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas. These sober events could become a new tradition. Patients can honor recovery milestones by planning a special activity. They can make time to explore nature, rock climb, dance, see a movie or coordinate a different unique and meaningful event.

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