Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Acharya Response:

1. The evolution of shravana is seva. If one has listened to the message of the scriptures well, then one would understand the means to Infinity is connecting to creation and the expression of Infinity is connecting to creation. Shravana is the philosophy and seva is the practice. Both are needed to evolve.

2. The 3 strings of the upanayana thread indicate one’s thoughts, words and actions. The 1 knot of the upanayana thread indicate Joy, which one’s thoughts, words and actions should be tied into. Similar to this symbolism is the dharma danda (stick). The idea being we should ‘hold’ our thoughts, words and actions encouraging them to be aligned, encouraging us to be integrated.

3. Ways we can appreciate our parents are:

-Hear them fully and speak to them fully without any distraction, pressure, etc.

-Live in an independent way inhibiting them from having to worry about us.

-Share all the gifts they have shared (i.e. religion, culture, etc.) to continue the kula parampara (family legacy).

4. What I am doing to invoke Joy is being committed to studying our shastras, being committed to sharing our shastras and being committed to empathizing with creation. What I am doing to evoke Joy is the same!

5. Ways to sublimate jealousy are:

-Cultivate the vision that all is Bhagavan, including oneself, making jealousy impossible.

-Being grateful for all the grace and guidance one’s life is filled with.

-Expressing appreciation about what one is jealous of to those whom one is jealous of.

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