Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Acharya Response:

1. Hanumanji’s mantra is surrender. And i can follow this mantra by not worrying about finances, not worrying about opportunities, not worrying about recognition, not worrying PERIOD.

2. Differences between the mind and intellect is the former is of the nature of doubts and can explore what has been experienced. The latter is of the nature of decisions and can explore what has been experienced and what has not been experienced.

3. The 4 benefits of japa are:

-raising the quality of thoughts

-reducing the quantity of thoughts

-redirecting the flow of thoughts

-Releasing identification with thoughts

4. Chaupai 20 relates to adhyasa (superimpostion) in the sense that Bhagavan Rama’s nature is karuna ahetuki (uncaused compassion) and Hanumanji is always around Bhagavan Rama which enables Hanumanjji to express the same.

5. The virtue i will dedicate myself is anasuya (appreciation) for negativity is poisonous to me and to all i spew this at.

Aum Tat Sat

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