Manifesting Divinity

Week 3

What do you feel when you pray?

“We are now in the spiritual path. When we go to a temple or prayer room, it does not mean that we continuously talk to the Lord, begging Him to give this or that thing, or remove this or that problem. Prayer is to empty yourself. Make your mind completely silent, as silent as in sleep. But do not make it unconscious as in sleep. You have to be awake and alert. A silent mind means that it is emptied of all worldly thoughts, so that it is available for guidance from Paramatman who resides in the heart of everyone. Try this for one month. When you go to a temple or prayer room, while you are praying, learn to make the mind totally silent, wakefully silent, consciously silent. This will release the power within, and guidance comes, beautiful ideas rise, which can find a solution to all your problems. It is a dynamic silence. You are silent, but attentively listening, invoking His presence. This is real prayer.” ~ Swami Chinmayananda


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