Sox in a Box Club x Neon Bandits

Sox in a Box Club x Neon Bandits

Neon Bandits blends performance with style to create the ultimate bright and bold look that provides great function, style and versatility (the triple threat as we like to call it).

With the “athleisure” segment exploding, an apt comparison for Neon Bandits would be yoga pants for women. Yoga pants are designed and built to be worn while working out but also have the function, style and versatility to be worn outside of the gym. That’s what we are- we can be worn on the field, at the gym or while hanging out.

Without getting all nerdy here on the details of the sock, our socks feature a reinforced heel for extra comfort, a breathable mesh arch so your foot can breathe in a performance setting and we have the perfect amount of elasticity at the top of the sock so they will not slip down your leg. If you are more of a visual person, check out the diagram below that explains everything that we just outlined in a more fun way.

As you will see, each of one our sock designs (except The Flip) have a complementary partner so they can be worn as mix and match pairs. The Neon Bandits brand is about being bold and having fun so anything we do must be loud and in your face!

We are excited to team up with Sox in a Box Club as our brands align well together in that we both share a common goal of bringing fun, functional socks onto the feet of individuals. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and #grabapair!

Go get a pair or 5 😀

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