Nothing more delicious than breaking your first fast.

42 Hours Later, Thoughts on My First Fast

I’ve lost over 40lbs/20kgs in about 2 years, slowly but steadily. It all started with counting calories with MyFitnessPal, then I went Paleo, then Paleo-Vegetarian.

Then I heard Keith Weber mention on the Joe Rogan podcast the Eat, Stop, Eat book by Brad Pilon. In summary it’s a no bullshit guide to why you should fast. So I read it and 42 hours after my first fast I feel great.

My biggest takeaway: hunger is mental/muscle memory(at least for me and within those 42 hours).

You will find yourself thinking much clearer, you may even feel a heightened sense of concentration. But you will find yourself thinking about and gravitating towards food like a zombie.

Read the book, listen to this Ted Talk by Mark Mattson and if watch Eat, Fast and Live Longer a great BBC documentary on fasting and give it a go.

I don’t know how long you should do it for, but I am going to try every Sunday and Monday, lets see how we keep up.


Talk about it, seems like the more people know the more accountable I was to sticking to it, almost out of pride maybe.

Drink a lot of water, it fills your belly and takes your mind off food and eating.

Coffee and coconut oil, I think this made my fast easier.

Move, when walking I felt lighter, quicker and more agile.