Kim Jong Un’s Photo Was Substituted For Noah Becker’s Photo Which Has Been Copyright Claimed By Noah Becker

Zealot Networks AdRev CEO Noah Becker — The Little Bully Who Cried Wolf — TWICE

Background: YouTube — September 2016 — Dragon Receives A False YouTube Copyright Claim Quickly Withdrawn From Noah Becker’s AdRev — But Many More Were On The Way — And The More False Copyright Claims Dragon Got The Madder He Got — And So On — And So On

UPDATE 11–15–16 Five Zealot Networks #AdRev Noah Becker Spurious Perjurious DMCA Takedowns REJECTED — All Videos RESTORED


Lovable Disruptor Dragon

Dear Dragon Diary — Was It Only In September That AdRev’s Noah Becker Said I Was Making Baseless Threats On His Life? MEDIUM Story Here — I Remember — It Was Around The Time Hooker Dragon Went Undercover To AdRev’s Palatial Sherman Oaks Offices Only To Find It Was A Post Office — True Story

#219 It’s A Prestigious Ground Floor 4" X 3" Spacious P.O. Box

Since Then Dragon Has Been Posting About The Issue Of Copyfraud Here On MEDIUM And Here — — Not Only About AdRev But About Many Others — It’s A Rat’s Nest That YouTube Content ID System — No Offense To Rats

SMASH CUT TO: 10–26–16 — AdRev’s Noah Becker Summarily Removes Five Of My YouTube Videos Because And This Is A Quote From An Email I Possess “…you used my photograph without my permission.”

This Poll Is Closed hahaha

To Review — A Public Figure — The Guy In Charge Of Enforcing Copyright Infringement For AdRev DOESN’T KNOW THIS

Where a public figure is named or portrayed in an expression of editorial opinion, the First Amendment provides a protection against a right of publicity claim, even if the expression is entwined with commercial aspects. Hoffman v. Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., 255 F.3d 1180 (9th Cir. 2001)

A Public Figure — CEO Of A Major Corporation — YANKED Five Videos Without Notice Because In My Critiques/Commentaries/Parodies About AdRev et al He Falsely Claims Of My Fair And Editorial Use Of The Photo In Question“…you used my photograph without my permission.”

Let Me Translate That — He Didn’t Like What I Was Saying About Him And The Shady Company He Runs

AdRev’s Noah Becker Also Says That NOW That I’m NOT Making Baseless Threats On His Life But My Posts Amount To Stalking — I’m CyberStalking — CyberHarassing Him — This Is What He Now Claims In An Email

When Did Asking Legitimate Questions About A CEO’s Business And Business Practices Become Stalking — I Can Answer That — It Hasn’t — It Turns Out Noah When Cornered — When People Are Saying Stuff About His Company He Doesn’t Like — He Just Makes Crap Up

First Off — Stalkers Are Usually Anonymous — Remember — Stalking Is A Long Walk On The Beach Only One Of You Knows About — Dragon Is Anything But An Anonymous Stalker

Second — Dragon Is Not Making Any Threats Other Than About Possibly Filing A Class Action Suit Against ALL Of You Copyracteers — I’m Just Posting The Truth About What’s Happening In The World Of Copyright/Copyfraud — It’s A Legislative — Judicial — Creative Hot Button Issue Now — And Will Remain So As Long As Companies Like AdRev — AdShare — The Orchard — AudioSparx Are Allowed To Remain Partners With YouTube

Noah Also Said In His Email He Didn’t Like Being Compared To Kim Jong Un The Dictator — This Was After He Removed The Five Videos From YouTube With NO NOTICE — They Just Disappeared — Now THAT’S Some Dictation

Noah Concluded His Bully As Victim Email With This “I am going to the Van Nuys PD today to report you as I have no other recourse at this point. Cheers nb”

Threatens To Have Dragon The Puppet Arrested And Ends The Email “Cheers” — Just Odd — Who Else Do We Know That Likes To Threaten To Get People Arrested — Capital T Ends With P Stands For Trump — Another Cry Bully

Noah Said The Van Nuys Police Department Because He Knows I Live In Van Nuys Because I Had To Give My Name Address Phone Number To Noah When I Created Counter-Notifications To Get My Videos Put Back On YouTube — He Could Be Stalking ME

Dragon Figures Noah’s Saying Van Nuys PD Because Noah Knows They’re Only About A Mile From Dragon And Could Come Get Dragon In An Instant — Which Would Never Happen — The Police More Likely Would Tell Noah To Go Home And Sleep It Off And Not File A Phony Report

AdRev’s Noah Becker Knows ALL These Things About Me — And Me — Noah’s Scary Stalker Knows NOTHING — NOTHING — About Noah Becker Personally — Other Than He’s A Public Figure — Keynote Speaker — AdRev CEO And His Alter-Ego Plash Makes EDM Music And Sells It On AudioMicro The Content Company That Owns AdRev

Zealot Networks aka Felon Danny Zappin Owns AudioMicro Which Owns AdRev — Clear? — Of Course Not — And That’s How They Like It

Yeah — It’s Like That Kingfish

Dragon Has Never Spoken To AdRev’s Noah Becker On The Phone — Wouldn’t Recognize His Voice If He Heard It — Dragon Has Only Emailed Noah At His Business Emails — Such As The Email Address Noah Used When I Was Notified He Took Down My Videos

Dragon Has Never Met Noah Becker — Never Seen Noah Becker In Person — Wouldn’t Recognize Noah Becker If He Was Standing Next To Him At A Bus Stop

I Don’t Know If He’s Married — Single — Straight — Gay — Kids — No Kids — What City He Lives In — NOTHING — ZERO — Other Than The Things He’s Done In His Capacity As CEO Of AdRev — That’s How I Usually Refer To Him — AdRev CEO Noah Becker — That’s What I Write About — His Business — His Business Practices — His Business Associates — Well — Like The Guy He Works For Convicted Felon Danny Zappin

Oh Danny!!! Boy!!

So I Think What Happened Was One His Venture Capital Pals Saw One Of My Vids They Might Have Been Mentioned In And Didn’t Like It And Told Noah To Get Rid Of Them And Noah Did

Dragon Can’t LIVESTREAM For 90 Days On YouTube — Has Two Copyright Strikes Against Him — And One Of YouTube Partners — AdRev’s Noah Becker Tries To Get Dragon Arrested

All Because AdRev’s Noah Becker Didn’t Like What I Was Saying About Him And What His Company Is Doing — A Verbatim Quote From Noah “The reason the videos were taken down was ME, as a person, nothing to do with music or my company.”

So Basically For Whatever Reason — Maybe His Partners/Investors Are Putting Pressure On Him — For Whatever Reason Noah Wants To Shut Me Up

This Isn’t Personal Noah Though You Might Think It Is Because It’s Always All About YOU — You The Bully Are Now The Victim — You Don’t Think About All The Folks You’ve Been Screwing Over — Like Me Who Literally Was Getting False Copyright Claims From You Daily — None Of Your Copyright Claims Have Held Up — So What Does The Bully Do — Just Takes Down Dragon’s Videos Because He Can — Then Claims Dragon Is Harassing HIM — Classic Textbook Cry Bully Technique

Finally This Last Quote From Your Email Another Classic Textbook Cry Bully Technique — Claiming YOU’RE The Victim — Very Trump-Like — Speaking Of Which — My Film Trumpopolis Was The First YouTube VideoYou Ever False Copyright Claimed — Which Contained Music I Bought From Footage Firm Now AudioBlocks Owned By Your Present Client Prolific Arts Music aka SmartSound Currently Being False Copyright Claimed To Death By YOU AdRev’s Noah Becker— I Actually Sent A Photo Of Me Holding The Physical CD — Only When I Sent That Photo Did You Release The Claim — Good Times


More Than 100 CDs Each With 12–15 Tracks On Each



Just Like Trump — For Noah It’s All About Family — In His Email — One Of The Things That Concerned Noah MOST Was “…family members etc seeing postings about me being compared to Kim Jong Un.”

Well Think About Poor Kim Jong Un’s Family — Dragon Is Sure They Don’t Like It Either

Hey — And What About This Guy’s Family — The Guy You False Copyright Claimed Off YouTube In 2012 — The Guy Dragon Found When I Googled AdRev Scam Who Just Wanted To Record Some Vivaldi

The Guy Whose Video I Edited Into A Short Film — Watch This — Cry Bully Turned Victim Noah — He’s The Real Victim —Like Thousand Of Others Around The Internet You’ve Made Copyfraud Claims Against — You’re No Victim AdRev’s Noah Becker

This Composer QUIT YouTube After Making This Video

From The Video Of The Eastern European Musician Above I Edited The Film “parasite” — This Guy Tells A Great Story — All He Needed Was An Editor

A European Musician Speaks Eloquently About His Experience With AdRev

Anytime You Wanted To Make Your Case For Yourself Or AdRev You Could Have Done It In The Comments Section — Right Here — You Can Do It Now — My Standing Offer Has Been Made Countless Times — Tell Me Of Any Inaccuracies And I’ll Correct Them — You Can Do It NOW — Right NOW If You Like — Or If Any Of Your Investors Want To Take Up For You Be Dragon’s Guest — Or Comment In The YouTube Comment Section Of My Videos — Oh Yeah — You Can’t — They Were Removed Because Of Your Personal Grievance And At YOUR Direction

You’re A Bad Man — You’re A Very Bad Man — And You’ve Been Thinkin’ Bad Thoughts About Dragon

AdRev’s Noah Becker — You Know Dragon Is Not Threatening Your Life Or Stalking You — And There Are Laws Against Filing False Police Reports

Enough With The Crocodile Tears — Fake Outrage — Phony Indignation — Faux Victimization

You Straight Up Cried “Wolf” Twice Now — Remember AdRev’s Noah Becker — The Moral Of The Fable— When The Little Boy — In Your Case Little Bully — DID Tell The Truth — No One Believed Him — And He Got Eaten By The Wolf

Finally— From Now On — Due To Your Photo Copyright Claims — I Won’t Be Using Your Photo — Even Though I Know I Have The Right To — For Critique — Commentary — Parody — Which Is What Dragon Does — Here’s How We’ll Roll — I’ll Use This Photo

Kim Jong Un’s Photo Was Substituted For Noah Becker’s Photo Which Has Been Copyright Claimed By Noah Becker

Or This One Of The Guy Who Got Wished Into The Cornfield

This Dunce Photo Was Substituted For Noah Becker’s Photo Which Has Been Copyright Claimed By Noah Becker

Remember What Dragon Always Says Kids “This story includes speech or petitioning activity that either occurs in or is made in connection with legislative, executive, or judicial proceedings and issues of public interest. Various other forms of speech or petitioning activity in connection with a public issue or an issue of public interest can also be found here.”

St. Dragon Slaying The Giant

Hey Kids — Sign Dragon’s Petition To Clean The YouTube Stables Ala Hercules

Brother Eriq Gardner — Hollywood Reporter HMFIC And Fellow MEDIUM Intellectual Type Writer — Please Read This Story — Dragon Is Beggin’ Ya

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