#Modigliani’s Most Famous Painting Bought By A Chinese Taxi Driver Turned Real Estate Developer Turned Billionaire
Where #Modigliani Hung Out — Did He Date The Girl In The Upper Window?

Dragon’s Excellent V-Commerce Entertainment Application

Walkin’ The #VR #VCommerce #VirtualReality Walk

Okay, So Dragon Sells Dresses, Skirts, Crop Tops, Leggings, etc… With This Unique Selling Proposition — Greatest Designers Of All Time Available Nowhere Else — Dragon’s Designers, Vinny, Pauly, Modigli, Are All Long Gone So They Can’t Sue Dragon http://ShopNow.Live

Hey — Not Being Sued For Copyright Infringement? That’s A Big Plus To Think About You Potential Venture Capital Investors.

Dragon Is So Greedy He Would Exploit Their Art Further By Creating A 360 Degree Art Gallery To Entertain His Customers And Keep Them Returning — Clever — Eh, Mon Ami? http://360Art.Live

You’ve Never Experienced Underarm Hair Until You’ve See It In 360 So Take A Look!

#V-Commerce #VCommerce #VR #AR

#Modigliani’s Paris Early 1900's
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