AdRev Keeping Overhead Low

UPDATE 11–15–16 Five Zealot Networks #AdRev Noah Becker Spurious Perjurious DMCA Takedowns REJECTED — All Videos RESTORED


“You Got A Copyright? Prove It!”

So After Calling Noah A Weasel And A Pussy — Noah Emailed Me — And I Emailed Him Back And He Emailed Me Back

Re: Noon Noah — Don’t Pussy Out

Noah Becker

To: Dailey Pike

I was in a meeting sorry I missed it. Your videos are awesome. While the content is inaccurate, I love the character and wonder if we could collaborate on a video to clear the air for users like yourself?

We’re not a scam in any way shape or form. We administer music and video rights on behalf labels, music libraries, production companies, publishers, and independent composers, artists and content creators like yourself.

I myself am a long time songwriter and producer and many of our team members are musicians and content creators as well.

We promptly released your claims once we became aware of them. So really unclear as to all the animosity, baseless threats on our lives etc. all very uncalled for.

Nevertheless, love your stuff! Keep up the good work.

Going forward If you have issues with licensed music, all you need to do is contact us for swift resolution at

Simply provide a link to the video at issue and copy in or attached your license info and we will get you sorted right away.

We’re also located in Los Angeles and our help desk hours are 9am-6pm pst, m-f.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance for the time being.



Sent from my mobile please excuses typos and brevity.

Noah My Brother,

If Dragon was inaccurate in anything he has said, he humbly apologizes and begs for a chance to correct his errors.

Just let me know what they were.

Happy you’re a fan.

Hooker Dragon went undercover and dropped by your office today. haha

The tape will be on tonight’s show.

Again, please, if I was inaccurate in anything I’ve said let me know now please.

If I was incorrect I’ll issue a retraction and an apology.

You kinda just threw in the “baseless threats on our lives” part in there so let’s be clear.

I never have and never will threaten anyone’s, much less your, life.

You’re a copyright bully running a talent agency that isn’t licensed.

You’re a content provider that has the power to make other content providers

squirm at will with dubious copyright claims.

That just doesn’t seem fair.


We’ll see.

When you say “We’re not a scam” apparently you’ve never Googled AdRev Scam.

YES, I accept, let’s do a LIVE video on YouTube and invite some of the YouTubers

that might have comments about AdRev.

And since I’m about publish this email on Medium let me know of any inaccuracies and I’ll correct them.

Faster than you release copyright claims I can promise that.


Dailey Pike aka Soyracha Dragon

Noah Becker

To: Dailey Pike

I was referring to collaborating with you to make a video. Ie you could get a small production budget. If you’re interested let me know, if not no worries. I think it would be fun to collaborate on a production where the dragon could explain why copyright exists and how to avoid problems with it.

And yes you are wholly incorrect. As you see, it seems you searched and landed on a google forum and drew a conclusion from other YouTube users who may not understand or appreciate the value of people’s intellectual property and or their need to protect it. This is the kernel level issue, and not that Adrev or any other YouTube administrator is a scam. I assure you.

Though I did hear once, whatever you read on the Internet is true… :)

It seems you’re spending a great deal of time and energy making what are essentially uninformed, hateful videos about companies and people which you know absolutely nothing about. Not my cup of tea personally (though as previously stated love the character just not the current content) but…Whatever makes you happy, you should always follow your heart.

Though I would imagine the Dragon could better spend his / her time spreading knowledge and good vibes…and then I would be a devout subscriber. I would also wager the dragon would find this sort of endeavor more fulfilling and financially rewarding in the long run.

In any case, keep breathing that siracha fire kind Dragon.



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