Dragon Doesn’t Always Look At Nudes — But When He Does — He Prefers Reclining Nudes
Front Back & Sides Respectively & Respectfully Of Amedeo Dragon’s Reclining Nude Hip Enhancer Pencil Skirt

From Modi To Mobi In 48 Hours

Modigliani Tate Modern Exhibition Announced Two Days Ago — Two Days Later Dragon Has Apparel Online For Sale And A Search For B2B Brick & Mortar Retailers In London Has Begun

So the #agileretail hashtag has been thrown around loosely by some who might not be so agile Dragon thinks, so he will explain how Dragon Fashion by soyracha is both walking and talking the #agileretail walk and talk.

Two days ago the world was brightened a bit by the news that the artwork of one of Dragon’s favorite degenerate artists, Amedeo Modigliani, will be exhibited at the Tate Modern in London, November 2017 thru April 2018.

Dragon first put Modigliani on a pencil skirt featuring a portrait of his running buddy Picasso.

That was before the exhibition was announced two days ago. In those two days Dragon created a product line of 20 products.

To promote those products Dragon made a short film featuring Modigliani’s portraits.

And started blogging about it and linking the blog post at places like this.

Hey — Here’s A Bit About Modi — “Although his works were not commercially successful during his lifetime, they became increasingly popular after his death. Modigliani is now among the celebrated artists of the twentieth century. While not closely associated with any one particular early-twentieth-century “ism,” Modigliani arrived at a signature style that fused aspects of contemporary European artistic developments such as Cubism with non-Western art forms like African masks. His portraits and nudes overturned the conventions of both genres, uniquely combining innovative formal experimentation with probing candor and psychological insight, and earning the admiration of Modigliani’s artistic contemporaries such as his close friend and fellow Ecole de Paris artist, the painter Chaim Soutine.

Yet Modigliani’s creative legacy remains intertwined with the romantic legend of the quintessential bohemian artist, bound up with a life of excess and Jeanne Hebuterne’s tragic suicide the day after Modigliani’s death.” www.theartstory.org

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