Disruptor Dragon & The Case Of The Movable Sumo Wrestler

Dragon’s SumoRank Hadn’t Changed In Months — He Wanted To Know Why — They Told Him… They Hadn’t Updated The Rankings In Months — #LongStoryShort — Mari Smith — Content Marketing Institute — The Usual “Alleged” Social Media Experts ALL Touting SumoRank WHICH HAS NOT WORKED SINCE IT’S BALLYHOOED RELEASE IN OCTOBER 2015 — Dragon Went To Work — The Result In A Moment — ala Dragnet — Dumb dum dum dum dummmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbb

Matthew Of SumoRank Pretty Much Responded — Yeah, So?

After A Week Of Twitter Haranguing — Their Fix Was Not To Fix It But To Stop Ranking The Websites — Now It’s Just A Graph With An “Interactions” Line — There’s A Reason I Used The Term Alleged Social Media Experts — If I CALL Them Social Media Experts And Someone Uses Their Services — They Could Sue Me Because Of My Bad Recommendation! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Arriba! Chupacabra! I’m Currently Trying To Convince Content Marketing Institute University To Quit Calling Themselves That — Since They’re Neither A University Nor An Institute — Check My Twitter Feed For The Juicy Details http://Twitter.com/soyracha/media