Sherlock Dragon Solves “The Case Of The Extra Space”

Just a single space after the ? question and ! exclamation marks was the clue that exposed the heretofore anonymous author of the hatchet job article by The Blab Review about Soyracha, the lovable anthropomorphic alpha male green dragon who recently moved to Blab Town.

Everything pointed to the suspect but it wasn’t until Dr. Booker, Sherlock Dragon’s lifelong friend, noticed the unusual use of a space before question marks and exclamation points that Dragon made the connection to the suspect and his writings on Facebook & Twitter.

Needless to say, this poor soul is just a pawn of his friend, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Blab. Dragon will not reveal the hit piece writer’s name publicly although it’s spelled out somewhere in the body of this story.

Sadly, Dragon knows this is not the first time the hapless looking but Machiavellian Mayor will try to keep his vise-like grip on Blab Town with a planted story by an anonymous author.

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