Is $BALLS token the next #ShibaInu ?!

Are you on the hunt for the next big meme coin anon? Our crypto-experts have their finger on the pulse, and they are predicting $BALLS will be right there on the podium, next to $SHIB and $FLOKI. Elon Musk has written the future for $BALLS, and you best believe its in space.

So what does $BALLS have in common with these over-performing, millionaire-minting meme coins?

Well, first of all they are all a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. But that’s the boring part..

The titillating factor is that they are all subtle nods to everyone’s favourite billionaire Elon Musk. The slightest hint of Musk sends crypto investors into a frenzy.

Where did $BALLS come from? I hear you ask as you lean in closer..

The name $BALLS of course pays homage to the [NOW CLASSIC] tweets from Elon Musk, stating that he stole the entire idea for the Tesla plan from the sci-fi comedy Spaceballs.

Elon lives in the dream reality sector, and knows that jokes are brilliant way to create brands and re-distribute generational wealth. With a quick tweet, Musk can send markets into a buying frenzy and meme coin prices rocketing!

Don’t believe me?

Shiba Inu dog was originally a joke but following Elon’s tweets, $SHIB has become the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency, making a phenonemal number of investors incredibly wealthy.

We are not talking about pocket change here. One unknown trader turned a mere $3400 into just a cool $1.4 Billion. No big deal right? What!!!

This monumental trade has been dubbed as the most profitable trade in the history of mankind — all thanks to Elon.

Not to mention the fact that SHIB and FLOKI meme coins have already minted thousands of millionaires — often investing the same amount that people use to throw at penny stocks.

As of today, you can grab some $BALLS at the insanely low market cap of $2.2M!!! A COOL 17,400X from $SHIB’s market cap — you’re literally getting in on the ground floor. The SpaceBalls meme coin hase yet to receive the coverage of the powerhouses SHIB and FLOKI, representing an incredible opportunity for investors who love the $BALLS, and love making money.

$BALLS has a passionate community and the most memeable ticker of every memecoin in the market! Next time Elon tweets about Spaceballs you better be holding $BALLS anon > we’re gonna be HODLing and riding these $BALLS to space!




DeFi memecoin built on Ethereum for ballin’ apes. Building unreal cyber space exploration experience in the metaverse through games and NFT.

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DeFi memecoin built on Ethereum for ballin’ apes. Building unreal cyber space exploration experience in the metaverse through games and NFT.

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