Smart Bathroom Fixtures making Waves

Making life easier with creative and intelligent technology is the main focus for developers in almost every industry. Plumbing fixtures and bathroom installations are definitely not to be left off the tech industry pioneering list. Although it is already trending in Japan, appliances like the motion detecting, self-flushing & lid maneuvering toilets are changing the scope of the normal residential bathroom. It is no longer make-believe, appliances are helping you wake up and now they are making the bathroom as comfortable as your bedrooms. For instance, phosphorescent trimmed plumbing fixtures make it easy to navigate to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning without lights. A high-tech vapor faucet, to defog your bathroom after a hot bath/shower.

  • Bluetooth Shower
  • Head Digital showers for your favorite pressure & temperature
  • Remote Controlled Light bulbs (brightness/mood settings)
  • Temperature Controlled Cabinets/Drawers
  • Waterproof TVs Temperature controlled floors

Some of these gadgets are taken from slideshows and articles from and Huffington Post. While some think these gadgets are invading and unnecessary, others welcome change in their personal space. The smart bathroom takes customizing bathrooms to an exciting, new level.

Most new fixtures are designed with conservative water and energy usage.Besides the beautiful modern designs, the best part of these gadgets is they have a positive imprint on the environment. They also do not increase in the frequency of septic repair, water heater repair or other plumbing repairs, which means that you still may have to call a plumber for issues. Keeping up with safe plumbing practices like drain cleaning and taking care of your shower head plumbing is still necessary, to avoiding constant calls. Before you consider installing the newest fixture on the market, consult with your plumber. Your plumber may able to tell you the future risks and costs it might have on your home.

Originally published at on June 19, 2015.