A long day awaits Kira… He and the rest of the Aces of Aces work together in a huge haul to a secret science space-station.
What secrets lay in this station? What is this ‘Schrödinger Project’ all about?

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A soft breeze awakes me before the sound of the alarm…

“Good morning, Kira~” sings Aia standing near the open door to the balcony.

“Morning,” I yawn.

I am not sure when I got used to the sight of her exposed flesh… since that day, the third or so, she has been wandering around the apartment topless. Every, fucking, day…

Leaving the door to the balcony open, she wanders back to the kitchen area and begins to make breakfast. …

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“Aahh~” I exhale the smoke in a deep sigh.

The last three and a half weeks went by flying… Most of it at the helm of my Falcon. Truth to be said, driving a truck nowadays is quite boring… I know, I know, I’ve told already…

I sigh again.

All this automation… the only exciting part of piloting is the docking and undocking, or when I’m inside a station area.

The rest of my life, well, is more exciting thanks to my friends, the most exciting ones being Enya and Aia.

A deep sigh leaves my lungs again.

Aia… I don’t get this woman… all around her is exciting, her being, her body, her way… all of her. Our actual relationship should be labeled as “difficult to define”. Sometimes she acts as if we are a couple, at home at least, and other times quite coldly trying to define the limits of our relationship. Mostly it is something in between… nothing clear. …

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A long day at the helm of my Falcom comes to an end…

I am docking at the mixed service station Scorpius-23 in the triple-star system Gliese 667. I am unable to pronounce the name the locals give this system, so I stick with the classification appearing on my board computer.

«Hey! Heh! Kira! ’round ’ere too?»

“Oh! What’s up, Jim?”

«Heh! Turnin’ ’ere for da night…»

“Great, me too.”

«Then meetcha at da Mercury pub, I’ll hit there tonight.»

“Great. Can we eat something there? I’m hungry.”

«Nope. Then meetcha at da Hungry Scorpion nearby. It’s in da trucker’s section, floor thirty-six, in da entertainment zone.» …



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