SpaceKIM partners with Asian Boss to help North Korean defectors

SpaceKIM was conceived as just a memecoin with zero intention to change the world. It was meant to be an elaborate joke that made fun of ridiculous looking dictator that almost no one seemed to take seriously. However, we often forget that the same funny-looking chubby man with a silly smile is the one that’s responsible for the suffering of millions of North Korean people.

Does that make this “joke” inappropriate? We don’t think so. In fact, making fun of him may be the only weapon we have against the totalitarian regime at the moment because it seems like no one can stop him. However, the problem was that this joke by itself could not make any meaningful difference and help those suffering. North Korea is an isolated state with almost no ways in and out. What can we, little people, do to bring about change? We were convinced that nothing could be done.

But it turns out, you can actually make a difference and, more importantly, make a difference peacefully without violence and interventions.

Making a Real Difference

Recently, Dylan Damsma from reached out to us and suggested that we turn SpaceKIM into a platform for helping North Korean defectors. Dylan introduced us to Asian Boss, who previously made a series of interview videos with North Korean defectors. Those interview videos got over 10 million views and pulled in over US$12,000 from crowdfunding for NAUH — a nonprofit organization that provides assistance and protection to North Korean defectors. Asian Boss proposed that we donate a portion of our crowdsale funds to NAUH directly and finance Asian Boss’ production of high-quality North Korea-related videos, which in turn will be used to generate more funding and publicity for NAUH in the long run.

Having discussed these opportunities, SpaceKIM team agreed to allocate at least 60% of our crowdsale funds to NAUH and Asian Boss.


Ji Seong-ho, head of NAUH, is a North Korean defector himself.

As a child, Ji stole coal from freight trains to support his family and barter for food during the famine in 1996. One night, he said he fainted from exhaustion and fell through a gap between the cars. When he regained consciousness he realized the train had run over his body. Ji Seong-ho lost his leg and an arm and had only a pair of wooden crutches made by his father to move around. In 2006, Ji and his brother escaped from the North, crossing the Tumen River into China. Ji nearly drowned in the river. After the crossing, Ji insisted that his brother leave him behind, lest his disability result in capture for both of them. With the aid of religious groups and others, Ji managed to make his way across China. He was ultimately reunited with his brother in South Korea.

In 2010 Ji Seong-ho founded NAUH — Now Action & Unity for Human Rights. NAUH is conducting emergency rescue campaigns in order to safely deliver defectors from China and other developing countries to South Korea.

Many North Korean defectors risk their lives and escape from North Korea to China, only to be deported back to North korea by Chinese authorities. It’s estimated that tens of thousands of undocumented North Koreans currently live in northeast China, and as many as 70 percent of them are women. Many of these defectors face severe human rights abuses and North Korean women are forced into arranged marriage or prostitution in China.

Since 2011 NAUH have rescued 270 people, 72 defectors last year alone.

Recently, Ji Seong-ho was invited to Donald Trump’s state of the union address where he was praised by the US president. Ji held his old crutches aloft, prompting cheers and a standing ovation.

Asian Boss

Last year, Ji Seong-ho contacted Asian Boss, a South Korea-based media startup that’s dedicated to bringing most authentic insight on the latest news and cultural trends from Asia, and asked them for help in raising awareness of human rights violation in North Korea and North Korean defectors. Their partnership resulted in a series of in-depth interviews with North Korean defectors where they shared their heartbreaking stories about living in North Korea. Their stories resonated with the global audience — their interviews got over 10 million views and raised over US$12,000 for NAUH.

Then, why do we need to fund Asian Boss? With their viral worthy content, Asian Boss has proven that they have greater outreach and influence than the mainstream media when it comes to raising awareness about North Korean defectors. With our help Asian Boss will be able to produce more high-quality videos about North Korean defectors and promote non-profit organisations like NAUH. With Asian Boss and us on board, NAUH will be able to scale their funding that’s badly needed to rescue and help more North Korean defectors.

Funds Allocation

Despite starting off this project as largely a joke, we have taken on a number of liabilities that entail various expenditures.


  • Listing KIM on exchanges
  • Releasing SpaceKIM app
  • Opening SpaceKIM merch store

We are going to fulfil everything we promised. This means nothing will change for you as an investor, except now when you get KIM tokens you contribute to a good cause as well.

Therefore, we decided to distribute our funds this way:

If we sell over 10% of crowdsale token supply, 40% percent is reserved for the team and 60% is donated to NAUH and Asian Boss (25% and 35% respectively).

If we sell over 25% of crowdsale token supply, 30% percent is reserved for the team and 70% is donated to NAUH and Asian Boss (30% and 40% respectively)

If we sell over 50% of crowdsale token supply, 20% percent is reserved for the team and 80% is is donated to NAUH and Asian Boss (35% and 45% respectively)

Total supply of KIM tokens is 37.9M, 20% of which are reserved for the team and 10% is for 2 bounty rounds. Therefore, 70%(26,530,000 KIM) of total supply is available for crowdsale.

Therefore, we calculate the percentage this way:

10% = 2,653,000 KIM

25% = 6,632,500 KIM

50% = 13,265,000 KIM

100% = 26,530,000 KIM

Current amount of KIM tokens sold is: 1,003,470 KIM (≈ 3,78%)

Current amount of funds raised ≈ 59.9 ETH (including BTC, LTC and Altcoin purchases)

Donate to NAUH directly:

Asian Boss YouTube channel:

Cryptominded’s community:

NAUH website:

SpaceKIM Website:

SpaceKIM Whitepaper:

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