Alpha 2.0 Recap: Cosmic Battles Concluded

Space Nation Online
3 min readOct 25


In the ever-expansive realm of Space Nation, the dawn of Alpha 2.0 ushered in another exciting phase of innovation and enhancement. This iteration was centered around the thrilling 10 vs. 10 battles, not only offering a fresh opportunity to engage with our community but also introducing exciting new features.

As emphasized by our Game Director, Tony Tang, the 10 vs. 10 battles aimed to deliver a long-anticipated PVP experience. It allowed players to form teams, don blue or red, select their spaceships, and strategize to conquer their adversaries. This marked a significant shift from the 1st Alpha, which had a single-player focus, based on a progressive mission system and extensive interactions with numerous NPCs.

During this test, our brave explorers had the privilege to immerse themselves in the novel elements Alpha 2.0 brought to the cosmic arena, including:

🚀 10 vs. 10 Battles
🌠 T1 and T2 Spaceship Experience
🔫 Stock Weapons
💬 Live Chat

This enriching set of features elevated the gaming experience, improving gameplay, providing users with a deeper sense of piloting various spacecraft, and offering a glimpse into the distinctions between them. These insights will be invaluable as we move forward with the beta version, catering to a wide range of player preferences, from nimble and agile ships to larger, more potent vessels that require a different skill set.

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating data and insights from the Alpha 2.0 10 vs. 10 battles, offering a glimpse of the cosmic adventures:

🕹️ Total Playtime: Our intrepid explorers collectively spent an astounding 2,120 hours immersed in the intricate cosmos of Alpha 2.0. This unwavering commitment is a testament to their insatiable hunger for cosmic exploration.

🎮 Total Players: The Space Nation galaxy welcomed over 800 eager adventurers, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of our gaming universe.

🔫 Total Battles: Alpha 2.0 witnessed an impressive 100+ cosmic battles, where players faced epic challenges and emerged victorious.

🔵 Blue Team: Exhibiting exceptional prowess, the Blue Team valiantly defeated over 3,011 enemies, adding to their interstellar legacy.

🔴 Red Team: The Red Team displayed remarkable skills, vanquishing over 3,420 enemy ships in glorious battles across the cosmos.

🚀 Shortest Survival Sprint: In the heat of our cosmic battles, one audacious soul embarked on a perilous quest, enduring a mere 55 seconds in the unforgiving expanse of space. This lightning-quick showdown stands as a testament to the electrifying intensity of our cosmic warfare, where every second counts and every decision shapes the outcome.

💫 Survival Epitomized: The Hero Who Defied the Stars for 7 Minutes and 25 Seconds. In the heart of the 10 vs. 10 battles, a hero emerged, displaying unparalleled resilience and skill. With a tenacity that defied the very cosmos, this exceptional player not only survived but thrived, standing for an astonishing 7 minutes and 25 seconds. Their saga paints a picture of unwavering determination and unyielding courage amidst the celestial chaos.

🦾Defensive Capability against T2 Swarm: The Gray Fox, one of our intrepid spacecraft, faced a formidable onslaught from at least 4–5 T2 spaceships. In this intense battle, it took a mere 1.5 seconds to transition from its maximum HP to zero.

All the above stats exemplify the diversity and determination of our Space Nation community. The spirit of exploration, cooperation, and competition flows through the heart of our universe.

As we move forward, this is only the beginning. Multiple tests will come with more additions in terms of features and enhanced gameplay. The cosmos offers boundless horizons for us to discover, explore, and shape. Stay connected through our official website and Twitter for the latest updates. Your passion and support fuel our mission to navigate the stars together.

Thank you for being an integral part of Alpha 2.0, and here’s to the continuing adventure.