From Jerome, CEO of Space Nation: Alpha Gate-the Core Value Pass of the Space Nation Franchise

Space Nation Online
3 min readAug 29


We are grateful to invite fearless captains to be prepared to embark on a groundbreaking space journey with us. Each and every one of you has been granted the Alpha Gate. This exceptional collection is a tribute to our earliest and most dedicated supporters and contributors in the vibrant Space Nation ecosystem.

As everyone knows, the Alpha Gate serves as your exclusive pass to our very first Alpha Test of Space Nation Online. However, this is just a starting point. We consider ourselves at the Alpha test phase not only for the Space Nation Online but also for the Logistikos Program and even the Alpha Gate itself.

While we are continuously developing more privileges and use cases for the Alpha Gate, here are some of the benefits we can share with you all:

Early access to game tests of Space Nation Online: Alpha Gate holders will be granted access to the alpha test of Space Nation Online and all subsequent rounds. We plan to conduct game tests on a monthly basis to explore various kinds of game content and features. We’re eager to receive feedback and suggestions from each and every one of you regarding the game. Additionally, we kindly ask for your patience and preparedness in the event you encounter any bugs or issues during gameplay. Tony, Space Nation co-founder, and Game Director, will provide further insights into our monthly test plan for Space Nation Online.

Privileges in the Logistikos Program: Alpha Gate holders will be able to access dedicated features and activities within our Logistikos system, which will generate additional long-term benefits within the program. We plan to add new functions, features, and activities to the Logistikos Program every month. Our goal is to provide consistent, comprehensive, and long-term membership services to our courageous captains in the Telikos Cluster. Josh, our Chief Economist, will unveil more details about our Logistikos plan and its relationship with our entire Space Nation ecosystem.

Exclusive Space Nation NFT Access: Secure sought-after airdrops and coveted whitelist spots for exclusive NFTs within the expansive Space Nation ecosystem.

OIK System Privileges: While I can’t disclose too much at this point, expect privileged offerings within the OIK system.

In-Game Surprises: Anticipate captivating in-game surprises that will undoubtedly heighten your experience. This, personally, is the most thrilling aspect for me.

Early Access and Privileges to Future Games: Enjoy test access for upcoming Space Nation IP games, whether they are Web2 or Web3 games, and also anticipate in-game privileges.

Access to Online and Offline Events: Immerse yourself in online and offline events that seamlessly merge the virtual realm with reality.

Beyond the Alpha Gate, your voyage will start right here, and together with us. Stay tuned for more updates and brace yourselves for the Alpha Test — we can’t wait to see you there!