Logistikos Launches: Your Mission Panel to Obtain Alpha Gate!

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Today, we launched Logistikos, the Space Nation Membership platform, playing a significant role of our ecosystem, offering missions, activities and rewards, which offers long-term, continuous membership service.

We released the first event on Logistikos, Alpha Gate Odyssey, a whitelist event to win free mint spots for the genesis collection Alpha Gate. Participants can compete on the leaderboard to secure their place in the minting process. The event will last from August 2nd (01:00 pm UTC) to August 18th (01:00 pm UTC).

Alpha Gate Odyssey

Participants complete missions to earn Orbites (ORB) on Logisitikos.

Alpha Gate Odyssey leaderboard is set based on the amount of ORB obtained during the event.

Top 300 ORB holders on the leaderboard can secure a guaranteed free mint spot for Alpha Gate Collection. (Leaderboard updates every 60 minutes.)

For users who reach level 5 on Logistikos, they’ll receive an overallocated mint spot for Alpha Gate Collection, the allowlist mint is on a “First Come, First Serve” basis.

If you haven’t acquired an NFT in the end, don’t be discouraged. At least you’ve obtained ORB, which will be highly valuable in upcoming events.

Logistikos (Alpha)

You will experience Logistikos Alpha, an early access version. Despite the fact that it’s at an early stage of development, we implemented features such as Rank/Level, Missions, and the most exciting one, the Alpha Gate Odyssey! More functionalities related to Rank/Level, various types of Missions, the utilities of ORB, and features like raffles, competitions, and creative events will be introduced in future updates of Logistikos.

We decided to launch this platform early because we believe in collaborative improvement with our community. Our goal is to implement more exciting features based on the community’s needs. Please be aware that the version you experienced might not be flawless at this stage. If you come across any errors, we would appreciate it if you could provide your feedback on our Discord.

How to join Logistikos

To get started with Logistikos, follow these steps:

1. Visit Logistikos portal

2. Sign up with your email address, and connect your wallet

3. Verify your Twitter, Discord or Steam accounts to get a start on missions

4. Engage in more missions across different sections to earn EXP and ORB

5. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join Logitikos to get more rewards

For more details, please check User Manual


There are broadly 2 types of missions,

Verification Missions

Twitter: You can complete tasks, such as verifying Twitter followers. The more followers you have, the more substantial rewards you will obtain.

Discord: Additionally, you can validate role levels within the Discord community, and the higher your role level, the greater the rewards.

Steam: Having higher level on Steam will also lead to more rewards.

NFT: Moreover, verifying the quantity of owned popular NFTs will grant you additional substantial rewards.

Assets on Ethereum: The more ETH, USDC, USDT you possess, the greater the rewards you’ll receive.

Referral Missions

Invite your friends to the Logistikos to claim rewards. When your invitees level up to Rank 1 (Lv5), you’ll receive EXP and ORB bonuses.

For more details, please check User Manual

ORB (Orbites)

ORB serves as the credit within Logistikos and is a token on the Orbites Chain.

In Logistikos Alpha, you can obtain ORB through missions. Whether you complete verification missions or referral missions, you will be rewarded with ORB. The ORB you earn will be allocated to your wallet through smart contracts.

ORB is also the basis for ranking in the Alpha Gate Odyssey. During the event, the top 300 users who earn the most ORB will be guaranteed a free mint spot.

As an on-chain token, ORB has been designed with a variety of utilities in future versions. For example, it can be used to participate in upcoming events, redeem items in the Logistikos Store, enter raffles, and much more.

This is also why you don’t have to worry about coming away empty-handed if you didn’t get a free mint spot in the Alpha Gate Odyssey. Because you still earned ORB. And don’t forget about Rank and Level!

Rank & Level

By completing missions and earning ORB, you will also level up your ranks within Logistikos. Higher levels will unlock more advanced Ranks, which, in turn, will gradually unveil new features and gameplay in upcoming versions.

Check Rank Privileges Info in Logistikos to find more details.


Logistikos is an application built on our self-developed blockchain, Orbites Mainnet. The Orbites Chain boasts high performance, low cost, high scalability, and EVM compatibility.


What you see at Logistikos now is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a comprehensive and ambitious design for it. Our goal is to build an on-chain ecosystem, offering a plethora of missions, activities, vanity items, and mini-games. ORB will play a pivotal role within this ecosystem, enhancing the overall experience.

We aim for players to immerse themselves in this world and gain a profound understanding of Space Nation by actively participating in the platform’s activities.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Join us on the new journey, and let’s kick off the excitement!