Unveiling the Cosmic Odyssey: Alpha Gate Collection Marks the Genesis of Space Nation’s Journey

Space Nation Online
5 min readAug 22


With a magnificent blend of anticipation and meticulous groundwork, we’re delighted to unveil the Space Nation-Alpha Gate Collection, the inaugural NFT collection of Space Nation’s Franchise comprising 515 unique NFTs, now available on Magic Eden Launchpad. This marks the start of an exceptional cosmic adventure, distinguishing Space Nation from the crowd. As the minting unfolds across three distinct stages:


Stage 1: Guaranteed Free Mint
During the guaranteed free mint stage, which will last for 2 hours starting from 4:00 PM UTC on August 22, a total of 400 NFTs will be available. These spots are allocated to a combination of the top 300 Logistikos platform participants by ranking, activity winners and to collaborators and projects that have partnered with us.

Stage 2: First-Come-First-Served Spots
The unguaranteed free mint spot stage will begin at 18:02 UTC on August 22nd and last for exactly 4 hours. This stage operates on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. The number of NFTs available during this stage will be equal to 50 plus the remaining amount from the First stage.

Each Alpha Gate NFT acquired during these stages will be trapped within a mysterious Dark Prism.


An explosion of cosmic energy — Revealing Your Alpha Gate
Picture this: your Alpha Gate trapped within a mysterious Dark Prism, an intergalactic glass with precise angles and faces, designed to analyze and reflect light. This captivating stage, scheduled for August 24 at 14:00 UTC, will unveil the true form of the Alpha Gate as it shines through the enigmatic dark prism. Prepare to witness the vibrant colors that symbolize your cosmic journey. Each type possesses its distinct color scheme and number of NFTs, reflecting the diverse essence of our universe. Get ready to explore the types and secure your place within the cosmos:

Skyfire (15 Pieces)

Solar Flare (75 Pieces)

Deep Space (170 Pieces)

Nebula Dawn (255 Pieces)

Alpha Gate: A Genesis Like No Other

Alpha Gate is the first stargate constructed by humans on Telikos. During this process, the early pioneers of Telikos made significant contributions. A similar phenomenon occurred within the Space Nation community. Our community users made substantial contributions to the promotion and construction of the project in its early stages. Therefore, taking this as a symbol, we have designed the Alpha Gate Genesis Collection.

This collection, opens the cosmic portal to Space Nation’s franchise. It’s more than just a collection; it’s the embodiment of a vision that connects explorers across galaxies. The gateway offers a glimpse into the vibrant ecosystem, Alpha Gate is not directly associated with the gaming system. Its core utility is to provide to a broader efficient purpose, it’s the connection point for external ecosystems, just like the Ethereum ecosystem, on which is deployed on.


  • Early access to Space Nation Online and future games
  • Airdrop or whitelist of Space Nation NFTs
  • Privileges across online & offline activities
  • In-game surprises!

Founders Who Ignite the Cosmic Dream

At the helm of this grand adventure stand individuals whose collective expertise kindles the spark of the Space Nation dream:

  • Jerome Wu: A seasoned game industry professional with a decade-spanning journey, Jerome played an instrumental role in launching World of Warcraft in China, serving over a hundred million users.
  • Tony Tang: A sci-fi genre virtuoso with 16 years of game development under his belt, Tony has elevated his craft as the SVP and Head of R&D at Leyou Technologies.
  • Roland Emmerich: An Academy Award-winning filmmaker renowned for his visionary storytelling, Roland brings his cinematic prowess to create an immersive narrative that transcends worlds.
  • Marco Weber: As a serial media entrepreneur with a track record of success, Marco’s insight and strategy weave intricate layers into the Space Nation fabric.

Beyond the Stars: The Cosmic Journey Unveiled

This launch is but the first star in a constellation of experiences that Space Nation promises to deliver. The team and founders stand united in their dedication to curate an immersive universe where exploration, missions, and discovery flourish. This journey is a testament to the cosmic odyssey that lies ahead — a journey destined to extend far beyond the Alpha Gate Collection.

With a universe filled with early access privileges, exclusive NFTs, in-game recognitions, and private celestial events, Alpha Gate holders are poised to take part in a cosmic narrative that is both dynamic and captivating.

As we navigate the uncharted territories of Space Nation, the Alpha Gate Collection paves the way to countless sagas, endeavors, and untold tales. The journey has begun, and the Open Nation Ecosystem is calling you. Brace yourselves for an odyssey that transcends time and space — an odyssey that will shape the destiny of Space Nation.

Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this cosmic saga. The stars are aligning, and the voyage is destined for greatness.