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Space Nation: Orion is a social lite game, currently available on X, and soon on Telegram and Discord, as part of the Space Nation Franchise. In Space Nation: Orion, you pilot a ship, interact with social accounts and content, gather resources to build your base, and compete with rivals and top Orion players.

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The game is set in the Orion galaxy, where a group of human survivors and explorers have established their base. They cooperate and compete, clearing hostile forces, collecting ores and energy resources, and continuously expanding their base. Over time, the small bases launched by the ships evolve into fully operational space cities, with the explorers becoming the leaders. The only constants are their mutual dependence, competition, and the continuation of their story.

The first chapter of the story has just begun, and you are one of these explorers…

Orion X version

In Space Nation: Orion, players are required to complete a variety of tasks, gather space resources, and construct bases. The Spaceship NFTs and ecosystem NFTs Alpha Gate and Prime Navigator from Space Nation will all contribute to base construction.

This game represents the second title in the Space Nation Franchise. It promises to deliver a consistent flow of new content to players in a sequential manner. The roadmap will be disclosed at a later date. Let’s look forward to the initial unveiling of Space Nation: Orion.

Space Nation: Orion is set to officially launch on June 15th. Players can download and join Space Nation: Orion on Chrome Extension Store. Existing Space Nation account holders can embark on their Orion journey straightaway. New users, however, will need to register for a Space Nation account and connect their X account and wallet before they can start the game. Register Space Nation Account.

The Orion X version is a plugin game on the X sidebar. The first version features mission, spaceship, and unit deployment, exploration events, and reactor construction gameplay.

Space Nation: Orion X Space Trek on Logistikos

The Space Nation Online Closed Beta 2.0 is set to launch soon. The event Space Trek on Logistikos will distribute a large number of OIK, Closed Beta 2.0 Codes, and Fuel which can be used in Closed Beta 2.0. You have the chance to win these rewards by collecting coin coffers.

Here’s how you can get a lot of coin coffers in Space Nation: Orion:

  • Join Space Nation: Orion for the first time and receive ONE coin coffer.
  • Participate in exploration events daily to get up to FIVE coin coffers.
  • Complete each quest in the Mission to receive ONE coin coffer.

Learn more about the event Space Trek



Complete the quests set by Orion to earn rewards. These may include:

  • Following @Space NationORI;
  • RT/liking with posts published by Space Nation or Space Nation: Orion on X;
  • Sending a post to invite friends to join Space Nation: Orion.

Orion may release new missions or end existing ones at any time. Please stay updated by checking the Mission board regularly!


Own and select a spaceship in the base to participate in the Exploring Event. If a player’s Space Nation account is linked to a wallet containing Spaceship NFTs, they will be displayed in the base. Do not have a Spaceship NFT? Don’t worry. Each player based in Orion owns a Tier 0 Gray Fox spaceship and can partake in the Exploring Event.

Traits of Spaceship in all the titles of Space Nation Franchise are same. However, ship’s roles differ across games. In Space Nation: Orion:

  • Higher Tier spaceships have greater power in the exploring event, earn more rewards after exploration, and can equip more units.
  • Different types of spaceships possess unique powers that allow them to gather specific special materials during exploration. Battleships, with their Attack Power, obtain more Time Chips. Mining ships, with Mine Power, gather more Energy Shards. Lastly, exploring ships, with Explore Power, collect more Space Fragments.
  • Each spaceship also has a Critical rate. A higher Critical rate increases the chance of a critical hit. During a critical hit, the acquisition of High-energy Particles increases by an additional 100%, and the acquisition of special materials increases by an additional 25%.


The units strike in tandem with the spaceship. In the current version, these units are known as Prime Navigators. Each type of Prime Navigator possesses different Attack, Mine, and Explore Powers. When you configure these units on the spaceship, their attributes directly enhance the corresponding powers of the spaceship.

Exploring Event

As players use X, they will periodically come across events to explore. When entering these events, their spaceship will embark on the exploration journey. Sometimes, multiple attempts may be required for a successful exploration. In other instances, responding to the post may lead to success. Upon successful exploration, players will acquire High-energy Particles and special taterials. These are the primary materials needed for Base construction.

Players receive 5 exploration opportunities daily. Each additional Tier 1 Spaceship owned increases the daily exploration opportunities by 1. When the player clicks on the exploration times icon, they can see the remaining number of explorations and the additional explorations provided by the Spaceship NFT. Each additional Tier 2 Spaceship owned increases the daily exploration opportunities by 2. The exploration opportunities refresh at 00:00UTC.

Reactor (Base)

In the initial version of Space Nation: Orion, players begin with a Reactor, which prepares them for Base construction.

Players must insert collected High-energy Particles into the reactor to convert them into ORI. The reactor ceases to operate when the fuel is depleted.

  • Reactor Capacity: This determines the quantity of High-energy Particles that can be inserted.
  • Reactor Efficiency: This determines the speed at which the reactor converts High-energy Particles into ORI over time. The higher the reactor’s level, the quicker the conversion rate. Owning an Alpha Gate can further enhance this rate (available in future versions).
  • Reactor Level: The level of the reactor determines its capacity and efficiency. The reactor level can be increased by using ORI and special materials.

The Reactor is the first basic facility of the base. As the base expands, more facilities become available for construction (available in future versions).


ORI is crucial for base construction. Resources gathered from exploring events are converted into ORI via the Reactor. ORI may also be given as mission rewards. ORI is used for building the Reactor and other base facilities, summoning base units, executing base actions, and more (Some features will be available in future versions).

Space Nation: Orion

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