All about SpaceVISA (SPV) Tokens

A novel disruptor in the world of outer space. Yes, you heard it right! SpaceVISA has made a ground-breaking entry into the world of Space Travel & Development with an aim to build a decentralized ecosystem. Well, we have already covered the details about company in our previous article. You can get your hands on here for brushing up your facts.

Now, coming upon to the better part of the company, The SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens! We have been mulling to provide our readers with an insight of SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens. Here comes the right time to provide right directions.

As already discussed, SpaceVISA platform is built on decentralised ecosystem through their SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens as smart contracts. These smart contracts are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) protocol, a proprietary blockchain ensuring security and privacy of all users and developers. The smart chain protocol embeds 10x faster block speeds and lower gas fee as compared to the number of projects competing in the virtual space.

The company proclaims a function-ability of their SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens as a global multi-utility asset, as an investment vehicle to earn BUSD$ and win Space Tickets as well as a gesture towards the contribution to Space Development & Space Blockchain. To the reader’s contentment, we are going to cover one-by-one the details about each of the function-ability the SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens possess. Fasten up your belts because our endeavours will continue till you get a whole grasp on the concept.

Commencing with the token-ship details of the company, there is a total supply of 11 Septillion of SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens out of which the company has made a distribution plan accordingly:

From the above info graph, one can get a comprehensive overview of the SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens.

Coming upon to the token’s ability as global multi-utility assets, the SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens come with their embed value in $ which gives the buyer/holder the freedom of utilizing them as utility tokens in aerospace travel programs throughout the world. With more and more shifting of the world towards the virtual digital assets, the tokens are poised to become a medium of exchange for global multi-utility needs. All set! The new era of virtual digital spending is not a far as it seemed to be.

Now, it’s’ time for some “Space Talks”. The utility of tokens as investment vehicles has embed them to the bounty as good as Space Ticket. Yes! It’s a real Space Travel Ticket. The company has made a SpaceVISA Staking program for different time periods i.e., 2,4,6,8, & 10 years. One needs to buy SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens and opt in for staking among different time periods. The minimum value that a one can stake is $30 or more in equivalent number of SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens. Once you opt in for staking, you become a stakeholder of the company and earn a badge of SpaceSquad. You start to get a passive income as bi-annually SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens and annually $BUSDs as a percentage return on your staked value. The percentage return for SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens varies from 5–10% bi-annually whereas that of $BUSDs varies from 7–11% annually based on the choice of staking periods you opt in for.

In addition to that, the SpaceVISA has come up with a Re-Staking period in which the SpaceSquad can opt to re-stake the previously staked principle (SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens) on the completion of their stake period. For e.g., if Maria choses to Stake $30 equivalent of SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens for 2 years staking program and she has got decent returns of 5% SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens bi-annually and 7% $BUSD annually. Now as soon as her staking period is on the verge of completion, she desires to be a part of 4,6-,8- or 10-year staking period for higher returns. Now, instead of starting afresh into the staking period, she can opt in for the Re-Staking period to earn a little less but almost equivalent of an original stake period. Suppose she opts for a Re-Stake in a 4 years period, then she will get 6% SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens bi-annually and 7.5% $BUSD annually for the next two years i.e., till the completion of 4-year period.

And… and… and… The Story doesn’t end here My Boy! What about Space Ticket for which we have been relentless about? Well, it’s something like a core of the SpaceVISA. This all revolves around the SpaceVISA Bounty which aims to provide a Space Ticket to the lucky draw winner among the top 10,000 contestants of SpaceSquad. Now you ask, who are these 10,000 contestants? Well, the artwork is framed something like this. As we already detailed about the SpaceVISA Staking program in the previous section. The top 10,000 among the SpaceSquad with maximum duration/value of SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens staked will be shortlisted for the lucky draw contest which will be there on December 31st of 2023. Not only the topmost winner will get the Space Ticket but the rest among 10,000 will get a one-time bounty pay-out of $BUSDs & SPV reward tokens in the winning sequence. The said bounty pay-out ranges from 1600–100 $BUSDs in the descending order of winning sequence. Last few thousands winners will be given SPV reward tokens as bounty pay-out. This bounty pay-out of $BUSD & SPV is different from the one provided in SpaceVISA staking program.

Last but not the least, possessing SpaceVISA (SPV) tokens depicts the gesture of our SpaceSquad towards the development of the Company’s ambitions and goals of Space Infrastructure and Space Blockchain. The Research & Development into the field of Space Voyage/Freight has been envisaged by the company in which the pool of funds will be utilized towards the accomplishment of goals. All those who contribute to the company’s ecosystem will have a collaborative role in realizing a marvelous dream of humanity. The story doesn’t end with providing the Space Ticket. Instead, it augments with the Space Travel for a common man and culminates till the common man can boast of being colonized somewhere the humanity has never ever imagined. In between, the sequence of events has been carefully scripted by the team Space-G. Let’s be a part of this journey to let the SpaceVISA’s vision provide a lead direction to the script.

Its’ just a beginning My Friend! Wrap-up and tighten your seat belts. We have to carry through probably… beyond unimaginable

SpaceVISA Redefining Space Travel !!



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