Co-working space — New flavors in this new recipe

It is rather fascinating that a concept that is merely a few years old has started creating newer micro concepts this early in the market.

Co-working space as a concept is still in its nascent stage and already the supply market is filled with small, big and international players in India. Every city is seeing a rise in the number of players offering co-working spaces. This has made the whole industry very competitive in a short period of time and what’s more is that the competition has added newer features and innovation. Creativity in co-working spaces has become the forerunners in the real estate industry that distinctly lacks on the score.

Coworking space providers today are innovating on different fronts.

1. Amenities — The fully furnished and fully serviced coworking space has become a common feature. Adding printing and coffee machines to a virtual receptionist are all extra features that the coworking space providers today think of. Of course the open office with security and 24/7 access round the clock, even on weekends is difficult to maintain when you have your own office but many space providers manage to take care of this for you with no additional cost burden for you to bear. Everything from electricity, to housekeeping to refills in coffee and printing machines is taken care off.

2. Design — Creativity in the design of the office space is a great differentiator. From informal café like settings to working on swings, bean bags and couches to having the proper cubicle like or the oval conference rooms, coworking space providers imagine really new ways to for the new entrepreneurs to work. The most important factor is many space providers custom create a design for your space.

3. Services — The ambrosia to a young tech startup is easy delivery of pizza. To a new mother it is a nearby daycare. From bringing yoga classes to celebrating birthdays to providing training programs, coworking space differentiate themselves from their competition. These services may seem over the top but in reality, it is essential to the freelancers and the early stage startups that need all the help in managing their business needs nearby.

4. People — Networking is the most important differentiator for a startup. It is a dream come true to be sharing the same workspace with known brands, investors, lawyers, CAs and other businesses in the same industry. There are start-ups that exist solely to cater to the office needs of all the start-ups clustered in one of the start-up hubs. Coworking space providers cater to this growing need by creating a loyal customer base from a diverse industry to create some meeting and networking ground for all.

Coworking space is not just a shared table with a LAN cable. It is a budding thriving ecosystem of young, energetic people who are getting used to the numerous services being provided to them. Coworking space is changing the way office works. It is bringing a silent revolution, one whose ripples are showing already., is an online portal for coworking and shared office spaces in India.

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