The role of an aggregator in the world of coworking spaces and shared offices

The marketplace today is cluttered and competitive. Though new, coworking space providers have increased in popularity, acceptance and therefore numbers.

Consumers on the other hand enjoy a wider variety of service options. To satisfy the sophisticated consumer demands and to organize the unorganized and populated sector, aggregators come in as a boon.

As organizations struggle to adapt and survive in dynamic markets with rapid technical developments in the digital economy, they increasingly collaborate and form the value networks or business webs. These integrated value chains where the firm collects the information about a particular good/service providers, make the providers their partners, and sell their services under its own brand is called an aggregator. Since aggregator is a brand, they have to provide services, which has a uniform quality and price. This is done through signing up a contract with the partners.

A workspace aggregator has an extremely complex integration of customer-space provider databases and provides filtered, customized solutions to the customer.

So what are the advantages of working with an aggregator?

To the customer:

On demand booking — The value add of an aggregator is in its live, on demand availability. With the dawn of the digital nomad, coworking space is no more about just space. It is about the network. An aggregator saves time and effort by offering value and variety and the ability to allow you to book instantly.

Ease of searching — From a single website, customers can streamline their options and thus reducing search time. Aggregators allow you to filter options by location, price and work space formats hence making it very easy to narrow down options without physically visiting the work spaces.

Wider options — With the information and options from multiple space providers, aggregators have a variety of options to offer, from flexi desks to dedicated desks, single-seater private cabins to team rooms.

Customer Service — Aggregators form a single point of contact to help customize solutions for you.

To the Space Provider: 
In spite of advancement in technology, Google can do only so much. Today’s customers are prone to make comparisons and aggregators provide a wide list of choices. Most customers want to look into options in the market before making a choice and an aggregator provides this option in a single window.

Statistics show that aggregators in service sectors bring in more customers than directly to the service provider.

With the rise of aggregators, it is prudent to be a part of the listing or a customer may overlook your brand.

Hence, aggregator model is building its foundation on loyalty and lifetime value of the customer by giving him a simple yet compelling buying experience.

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