Pokémon Go alert: Pikachu

Hi. Welcome to Pokémon Go alert, a series of cool stuff in Pokémon Go.

So I was shopping in Food Lion when I saw a Pikachu. Pikachu is pretty rare on its own, but look at it

Yep, see that hat? That is Ash Ketchum’s hat. This is the Ash-Pikachu, the one given out in Japan for Pokémon Sun and Moon. When I saw it, I was out of Pokeballs. I ran to buy some, but he disappeared when I did. I was disappointed, then another one spawned. I caught it pretty easily, and the next thing I could think was “Pikashunium Z?”

Unfortunately, no early Z-Crystal. But one attack was Thunderbolt, so maybe in the Generation 7 update…