The Story of Tribus

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Our main protagonist, Tribus, is the leader of Spaceminers. He has a shadowed past as a former Regulator, the highest-ranking special military force commanded by Author1D leadership. Tribus spent over two decades working his way up the ranks of the Forces until he found himself leading a squad of fellow soldiers whose duties included hunting and dispatching dissident citizens around the knownverse.

For his part, Tribus was a willing and active participant in these murderous missions. He had grown up surrounded by the propaganda of Author1D after his parents were slaughtered and he was kidnapped as a child. He’d known no other life and only had very distant memories of his parents and his homeworld — the only family he’d really known were his squadmates in the Regulators.

It wasn’t until one fateful mission that his perspective changed. Tribus and his squad were chasing a known dissident across a city, tracking the unknown person through underground channels and across a shadow network, dismantling it as they went. They caught up to the dissident in an abandoned house and made violent, easy entry to it without fuss. They ran up the stairs, splintering a locked door before Tribus took aim and shot his quarry.

But he’d shot without fully registering what was on the other side. His instincts and training had kicked in, as autopiloted as the ships flying in space above them. Tribus had shot their dissident but he’d also shot a child hiding behind her. A child that was holding a small toy spaceship, just like one he’d had when he’d been taken from his murdered parents.

What Tribus did after is another story, as it leads into the fateful founding of Spaceminers and the resolution to keep doing what was right until he could atone for what he’d done in the past…

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