Be careful how you hear,
who you hear, what you hear,
when and which you hear.
It’s all out there. And here.

Buy the truth-
Sell your old soul
It’s worth even more
You’re worth a penny
flesh and bones
now available at JC Penney

Here’s your heart
broken, wounded, jarred and charred
submitted for repairs
Before your travails it was beyond recall
You get one brand new;
a monument of Grace.

Liberty frees you to fly
a declaration of new dependence
until you begin to soil it anew
Your head was never saved

Stop the trade…
Lies are a lure
They’re not the cure
Trade none
Hope calls
Believe it all
Love at the Cross
was planned to be hard.
Buy the truth. Sell it not.

PS: I wrote this poem as a tribute to #Truth.

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