Festivals in Andalucía

Spain is one of the most popular destinations among travelers from around the globe. Most of them are especially fascinated by the region of Andalucía. Andalucía is actually an autonomous region with a capital city — Seville. This region is known for the interesting architecture found in many cities and town. This is also the region where you can find the southernmost point of Spain (at least when it comes to the mainland. Besides the beautiful Mediterranean weather and the unique landscape found in this area, Andalucía has a very rich tradition and culture. People lived there for many centuries and what is interesting is that for some period (in the Middle Ages) this region was part of the Caliphate. So, the influence of Islamic culture is still visible in Andalucia even though this region is mostly a Christian region. As a result of this rich culture and tradition, Andalucians have established many interesting festivals over the years and we will mention some of the most popular ones.

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Carnival of Cadiz
What is interesting about this old festival is the idea behind it. The creators have decided to design a festival based on the popular belief in Spain that the residents of Andalucia are very witty. This carnival is featuring the so-called Chirigotas, different groups of performers who are preparing sarcastic and witty performances during the entire year in order to present their skills when the Carnival of Cadiz starts. Every individual who believes that they have something interesting to show is encouraged to join the festival. The most important thing is to wear a costume. Most people are wearing costumes and perform acts that represent current events in the world of politics and society in general. The festival lasts for about 15 days

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Bienal de Flamenco
The Bienal de Flamenco takes place in Seville, Spain. It is held in many different theaters in Seville. Bienal de Flamenco involves many vocalists, dancers, guitarists and similar performers from every part of Spain and as the name suggests it is focused on flamenco. The festival was founded in 1980.
Holy Week in Seville
Holy Week in Seville or Semana Santa de Sevilla is one of the most famous celebrations and festivals in Spain. It is organized in the week before Easter (Holy Week). What make this festival unique are the procession of pasos and the floats of wooden sculptures that represent events described in the Bible. Some of the sculptures are new while other are decades old. 
Seville Fair
The Seville Fair or Feria de abril de Sevillais organized two weeks after the end of the Holy Week festival. It lasts for six days and includes many different activities. Having special dinners, wearing costumes and simply partying are some of the activities that people practice while the festival lasts. 
In addition, there are few other interesting festivals in Andalucía that are worth mentioning: Cavalcade of magi, Feria de Jerez, Romeria de El Rocio, Vela de Santa Ana and Rocket Festival.