Spalk Intern Blog: Week 7

Jacob Meyer | July 14, 2017

Hard to believe that my time in New Zealand is almost over. With only one week left we are definitely in the homestretch. I’m excited to see my friends and family back home but sad to leave all the great people I’ve met and the beautiful country of New Zealand behind (I won’t miss the rain though). Luckily, I won’t be leaving Spalk behind!

But before I get into that, a quick recap from the week:

After the horrible whiskey we went downstairs to get some food and drinks

On Monday — we celebrated the success we had with our first partnership with FIBA for their U19 World Cup! You can read more about what we did and how we did it in Alex’s blog post from last week or in the article Forbes wrote about us. Unfortunately, we decided to celebrate the end of the tournament with some whiskey. Fortunately, I discovered that I am not a whiskey drinker (bleh, maybe it’s an acquired taste?).

Don’t we look great in our signature Spalk tees?

On Tuesday — we got back into the regular swing of things and even got a new team picture for the local New Zealand newspaper!

Spot the new intern

On Wednesday — we got a new intern, Alicia! Sadly, she didn’t make the team pic from before but no worries, we took another to remember her time here. Alicia is an international student, currently on a gap year, traveling the world and working at a variety of companies and startups (I think Spalk is her favorite so far). It’s always fun to have someone new in the office to shake things up and add a new perspective on the business to help us grow. Alicia will only be with us until next Tuesday but she has already made a solid impact through her research and has definitely lightened the load for Alex and I as well as allowing us to get more things done in a timely manner.

Now back to what I started this blog off with! Interning for Spalk these past 7 weeks has been an incredibly transformative experience and I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot: not only about Spalk, international business, and startups, but about myself and what I want to do in life, personally and professionally. I couldn’t simply leave all the Spalk staff I am lucky enough to call my friends behind and forget about them once I go home to the US. Especially with the tremendous potential I see in Spalk and the passion and joy I have working here. I would be a fool to give something like this up.

That’s why Alex and I have devised a plan so we don’t have to:

So what I haven’t mentioned in my short recap of the week is that Alex and I have been secretly planning an elaborate pitch to bring Spalk on a trip to the US! It all started with the harmless idea of members from the Spalk team coming to the US during the Fall to see a Michigan Football game in the Big House (the greatest college football stadium in the world with even better fans!). The idea seemed pretty simple at first, but then our minds started to run wild with ideas for Spalk to benefit from a trip to the University of Michigan.

Here is a pic of the general plan we have for our trip and the all the stops we want to do along the way!

We’re lucky enough as students at the University of Michigan to go to the #1 public university in the US, in the #1 college sports town in the country, and to have the #1 undergraduate-run sports business conference in the US (wow that’s a lot of #1s!). With priceless opportunities like these to have access to such a relevant and smart consumer base that is our exact target audience, Alex and I thought the trip was a no brainer (but then again, we aren’t the ones paying for it haha).

The bottle of champagne we bought still wrapped up in it’s beautiful packaging

In order to make our case we presented our fully fleshed out plan to the Spalk team. While they all seemed very excited and impressed by our presentation, we have not heard a definitive decision yet (hurry up Ben!) because we have all been busy at work managing new content and trying to wrap up everything we started 7 weeks ago. It might have been a little hasty on our part to buy celebratory champagne for the pitch but we like to be prepared.

Since next week will be our last in New Zealand, we should have a decision by then and we will definitely let our readers know how it goes in our final blog post of our summer. Since it is our last blog post next week, Alex and I have decided to write it together so look out for a real tearjerker!

If you’d like to hear more about my internship at Spalk, feel free to contact me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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