Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay


Medium has pushed a few of your recent “white liberal” attack pieces my way, which is fine, I’m not defending that group here.

You are, however, painting a couple of very large and diverse groups with very wide brushes in your writing. “Trump voters” and “white liberals” (who I assume you actually mean something more along the lines of “affluent white Democrats”). You’d have a much stronger case, if you focused more on economically privileged people being out of touch with working people, and supported your points with data.

I grew up in communities like the ones everyone laments as “the reason why no one saw behind the rise of Trump” and it’s ridiculous — those communities would have voted for him anyway. Just like when they elected Reagan twice (which I was there for), who was very open about his ambitious plan to begin demolishing their way of life. Bill Clinton merely continued or expanded existing Republican policy goals.

Personally, the whole “angry white male” narrative that gets rubber stamped as “The Reason” is offensive. It’s offensive because it’s a reason created by media elites, with utter disregard for the impact of 30 years of extreme right propaganda.

Attacking any argument for equality as “PC” has been around for decades — it is a manufactured crisis. Please begin to take a more responsible approach in your writing.

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